4th Lionels Match at Four Oaks Fishery Chester

Lionel's Tackle Series of 12- Result
April 15th Four Oaks- Heron Pit

Once again the Series of 12 had a full turn out and some new faces turned up to fish alongside the regulars. It was the newcomers that did well in this match, Mitch (Sneaky Dutchman) Meere fishing paste on peg 22 found a few lumpy sized carp to win the day with 36lb 13oz. Finishing second was Neil Posle who fished a good match fishing tight across to the far margin to finish with a credible 26lb 0oz. A 6 hour battle for silverfish for 3rd and 4th finished an incredible day. Graham Tasker (myself) fished pole and pellet and caught skimmers and a couple of bonus carp to finish 3rd with 25lb 6oz to narrowly beat a truly incredible net of silvers from Mark Clutton who finished the day 4th with 23lb 6oz. Once again, thankyou to everyone who turned up and i look forward to seeing you at the next match which will be anounced very shorlty!!!

4th lionels match at four oaks