Promoting great places to fish in the North West.

We fish many venues from clubs, fisheries, canals, rivers and lakes. We are no experts, but we know our passion of this sport is shared by many, and we hope this site will help others. We will be posting reviews of the venues we fish including what peg, tactic, method and bait used. We will include links to fishery websites, address and phone numbers of the venues we visit. If you would like us to visit your fishery or club waters, or if you would like a day on the bank with us please send us ad email. If you see us on the bank pop over for a chat, and if you want to know where is fishing well, as Carl says from the team "Always follow the green hoodies"

Fishing in the North West

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Have a look below to see what the team have got coming up this year, from features, angling shows, charity matches, fishery family and fun days to just days on the bank.

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Working for the Angling Times news desk entails tapping into every resource possible to uncover the best stories and fisheries around and in my experience, they don’t come much better than Fishing in the North West.

Their dedication to uncovering the best and my most in-form venues in the area is second-to-none and their willingness to share their winning tactics deserves credit.

Angling Times has started working with the team on a regular basis and we intend to continue this relationship to strengthen both brands for the future.


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 Tony Grigorjevs

News Reporter/Features Writer

"its great to see your prepared to share information with others Adam, to help there  fishing" Andy Findlay (Preston Inovations & Sonubaits)

"Fantastic website Adam, very informative and all of the venues you have listed are well worth a go, in particular Partridge where we met.  Its great that you can share this information for those anglers who don't know where to start, all these venues are guaranteed to give you bites, see you soon" Andy May (MAP and Kamasan Champion)


"Hello Adam, its Carl McCormack, we met on saturday. I have had a look at your website and your doing a fantastic job,your passion and will to share is awsome mate keep it up"

"Hi Adam, a fantastic website which gives any angler a true insight to all the great venues. Keep up all the hard work and I wish you and your team all the best" Pete Mahoney, Leigh tackle/Bait-Tech/Dino Floats. For all updates on what Pete is up to follow the Facebook link below. http://www.thebestfloats.co.uk/

This is to thank you again for the two days we spent together on the Severn near Shrewsbury last week. Although the barbel weren't biting I did learn a tremendous amount about barbel techniques from you.I leaned about the rigs, the bait, the correct casting, the feeding and all aspects of river fishing. I would also like to thank you for giving up so much of your time and wisdom on the river environment. The second day was very interesting and I leaned about the technique of trotting which I will definitely be doing.This was a nice way of fishing which will take some practice but well worth it. And last of all thank you for your company.


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