3rd Match at Bala Lake, 11th March 2012

Bala match, 11th March 11/3/2022


After Graham raving about  the place for the last two months we were all very much looking forward to it, the weather was brilliant, there was not a ripple on the lake and it was clear, great weather for siting out in the sun in the beautiful Welsh countryside, but bed for fishing , as the sish feed more confidently with overcast and movement on the water.

To be honest the bites we’re low coming and for some anglers they never come at all. The fishing itself was very poor, but looking at the size and depth of Bala lake if the  fish are not there and if the weather is calm and bright you are going to struggle.

Fish taken on the day were Roach, which are a great looking wild fish, Perch and Ruff, and a 1 LB 11 oz sea Trout took by myself. All fish on the day were taken on doubled red maggot fished with a ground bait feeder fished 50-60 yards out, the ground bait had caster and dead red maggots in as the live ones vanish under the rocks. The hook lengths were 4-5 feet long as some days you can get fish on the drop.

The day was full of banta......with the quote of the day coming from myself (There is more chance of catching aids than fish here today!!!!) and with John having the smallest perch any of us had ever seen.

Again a very well run match by Graham Tasker, and some good laughs and a great day spent with like minded people.

1st Jim Bewley and Adam Bowen: 4 oz

2nd Dave Buckley, Craig Owen Gratton and John Wineyard : 2 oz

Remember its called fishing not catching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!