Four Oaks Farm Fishery Chester.

Four Oaks Fishery (Chester) Wednesday 5th January 2011 

My first outing of 2011 was a cold one, with half of the pond still frozen over. Four Oaks is a two pool venue set on a working farm just outside chester. I fished the first pool (Pete's Pool), with it being the first day for almost six weeks without a thick layer of ice on it, the fishing was going to be hard.

The day started of slow with thick cloud cover, most fish caught between 12 and 3pm when the sun was showing. Very nice Chub, roach and carp were taken on 6mm halibut pellet, with smaller roach on double red maggot. In my opinion a very good days fishing on a well run fishery.  I have fished here before and never failed to catch, with some days having 50-60 lbs bags, with a few 8-10 lb carp included. If you are new to fishing or enjoy bagging up on carp and silver bashing this is a great place to do it. Alot of work has been done over the winter period, cutting back the tree's on the island so poles and waggler can get closer.


Pete's Pool.


 First peg on the left hand hand side (disabled) looking from the car park.


Small cage feeder 10 oz with size 16 hook with pellets in the feeder and 6mm halibut pellet on the hook, 15-18 feet close to reeds and willow tree on the right bank. Whip up in the water, size 18 hook with double red maggot loose feeding 2-4 maggots, 6-8 feet straight out.


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