Maggot vs Pellet at Four Oaks Fishery (Chester)

Maggot Vs Pellet

Four oaks farm.

Matty Dawes head to head with Michael rough.


Day started off with peg draw, I drew peg 2 leaving peg 1 to mike  

Mike’s bait was 1pnt 2mm and 4&6mm expander pellets; mine was 1pnt of red maggots and half of some dead maggot. Weather was overcast and we were expecting a few bites throughout the day.

Rigs wise I set up 3 rigs, open water swim,  6m swim and the island to my right, all with 0.10 bottom and a 808 size18 as hook, all with double 5 thought out my top kits.

Mike set up 3 two, 6m close to the reeds, under the willow tree and to his right into open water. Fishing 0.12 bottom and a size 18 as hook, all matched with white hydro.

All in, and the match was under way, mike started off fast by catching 5 quick carp over his pellet hook bait, he fed a cad pot until bites stopped, I on the other hand drip fed maggot every put in and then started catching some skimmers and quality roach, on the other peg mike was still putting the odd fish into the net, his dad even said it was too close to call, an managed to nick some carp close to the end from my island swim, mike was still catching odd carp and even some nice looking chub, we were even playing carp at the end as sport started to pick up,

By the end the results showed the truth, mike had won!

Proving that pellet won the day by bigger fish, but maggot kept the bites coming.

Tight lines Matty Dawes.