The River Trent (Muskham Moorings, Muskham Nr Newark)

The River Trent (Muskham Moorings, Nr Newark) 11th&12th October 2011.

This was my first Trip to the river Trent and was I in for a treat. I stayed at a B&B with its own mooring where the owner allows guests to fish. She does not charge, but its only available to guests, just make sure you have a valid rod licence. You can see the river and your swim from the windows of your room and it’s a stone’s throw from the B&B.

I was able to leave my gear by the river side while I popped for a cup of tea and the toilet without worrying about it being stolen as your peg is on private land and the only passersby are neighbours and walkers, there is also I good village pub next door but one. The B&B itself is extremely well run and kept very reasonably priced, with the owner more than helpful.

The fishing itself was brilliant, the Trent as Muskham is a wide and deep river, with the centre flowing faster due to its depth, the river has a deep running in the middle with a shelf about 15m out. I was fishing just over the shelf about 20m out.

I was only there an hour and my barbel rod was ripped of the rest and tried to make its way into the drink. The barbel bites or hard and fast, you should never leave your rods in the water while you are away from your peg as they will turn into submarines before you know it. Also ideally use a bait runner if you have one or keep your clutch loose as the fish scream off down river and strip the line for a good 40m.

I fished two rods both 15-20m out using swim feeders with meat on one and corn on the other, at one point I was stood on the bank with both rods in my hands bent from the handles with line being stripped of both praying they did not cross, much to amusement of passersby on a boat.

I took eleven barbel in 1 ½ days with bream, chub, roach, dace and a few big dirty slimy eels as well. The fishing was of a very high standard with plenty of bites and plenty of fish. I was the best outing I had had for a long time on the river and cannot wait to go again.  If you don’t stay at the B&B there are stretches available on day ticket from the pub in the village that backs onto the river.


River Trent at Muskam Moorings B&B, Muskham Nr Newark


Private moorings belonging to B&B.


Fishing two feeder rods down stream 15-20m out, using 35g cage feeders, with 3 foot hook links to size 12 hair rig hooks. Bait was 10mm meat punch and corn on the hair rigs, with ground bait, hemp, corn and 6mm pellets in the feeders.



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