Weston Pools Fishery (Oswestry) A.C.A.S KNOCKOUT CUP FIRST ROUND 17th March 2012

On the 17th of march 2012 Airbus fishing club held the first of there knockout cup matches at weston pools in Oswestry. The turn out was 24 due to a few anglers dropping out last minute but still impressive.
The lakes occupied were canal and stretton. Luckily I finished 4th overall on canal taking me to the next round of the cup.



My rigs I used on the day were a 0.1g malman power pecil with 0.13 mainline and a 0.11 hook length with a size 16 hook and for the open water I used a similar rig but instead it was a 0.2g malman power pencil.
My approach to the day was to fish 4mm expander at 14.5m to the far bank feeding micros and 4mm pellets little and often.

Fish on the day

On the day I caught 29lb of F1's, Tench and Mirror carp to 5lb.
So overall all it was a successful days fishing and I am looking froward to the next round a Leaswood.

by Kristian Jones (Airbus Matchman)

kristian wes pool