1st Match, Four Oaks Fishery Chester, 15th January 2012.

Lionel's Tackle Series of 12

Four Oaks Farm (Chester) 15th January 2012


The first match of the series a good turn out every peg taken, shame about the weather. At  -3 everything was frozen, so Craig set about with a rope and a log and started smashing the ice, which slowly started to freeze again, but still left places to fish.

The fishing was very hard all day with bites hard to come by and only small weights taken. But looking at the extreme change in weather we all knew it was going to be a very hard and close match. We knew the fish were there as four oaks is a brilliant and well stocked venue.

Most fish were taken on single red maggot, only silvers came out, small roach and some good chub. The chub made all the difference and won the match for Craig, with 2nd place going to Wendy and 3rd to Dave, the only anglers to get Chub.

The day itself was a great laugh, and looking forward to the next one.

Thanks to Graham for a great job of organising the day and support form Lionel’s Tackle.

1st Craig Owen Gratton 1lb 11oz, Peg 8 , about 9 meters out on pole, to the left in the margins.

2nd Wendy Royles 1lb 6oz, Peg 1 on pole about 5 meters out in front on the bottom.

3rd David Buckley 1lb4oz, Peg 2, on pole about 7 meters out to the right, close in on the bottom.


lionels match at four oaks