2nd Match at Ruddy Pond (Chester), 12th February 2012

Lionel’s series of 12 at Ruddy Pond, 12th February 2012 (Doddleston, Chester).

Another cold day for the lionel’s lot on our second match so far. With there being twelve of us this time, and larger water we all knew it was going to be hard going, the water was clear and no fish toping at all.

After some good old banta and the pegs drawn, time to do battle. The pegs at the shallow end were to throw up a massive shock for us all, with a 16lb catfish being taken in the first half an hour, on pinkie........honest I thought live baiting was against the rules!!!!!! But that fish out in February, in the shallows which were half frozen was unbelievable. Let’s just say the rest of us were now fishing for second place.

Graham Tasker also gave us all a shock with 3ish lb Tench, this venue was throwing up some very unusual fish for this timer of year. Mot fish taken were chub, roach, rudd and a few carp.

Ruddy pond itself it turning into a great venue with Andy and Jim putting a lot of work in and around the waters, with plenty of re-stocking programs in place, both Andy and Jim are very approachable and willing to help anyway they can. I and the rest of the anglers who fished it today predict fantastic things for Ruddy pond in the future.

Thanks again the Graham Tasker for another well run match and Lionel’s tackle for its support.

 1st John Wineyard 17lb 7oz

2nd Graham Tasker 3lb 5oz

3rd Adam Bowen 2lb 5oz


lionels match at ruddy

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