Cudmore Fisheries (Staffordshire) by Kristian Jones (Airbus coarse angling section)

Cudmore fisherys, Staffordshire 22nd January 2012
This great fishery in staffordshire has over 20 lakes and very large comfartable pegs. It also is the home to fish 'o ' mania.
I arrived at 12:00 and parked near the tackle shop. We went to pay in the tackle shop and to get some advice on what has been working. I decided to fish on one of the small lakes that only has one peg on due to the cold weather.
I set up two rigs on the day one with a 4x12 malman benny an 0.11 mainline for open water. The other with a 4x10 malman dusty and a 0.13 mainline for margin fishing. Both with size 18 tubertini 808 tied to 0.09 mainline. Both with preston 9 hollo.
listening to the advice of the people in the tackle shop I decided to fish double red maggot. I started with a nine meter line straight ahead of me feeding a few maggots in a small preston cad pot. After catching several fish I switched to a 6 m line bettween the tree stump and the larger tree. I soon started to catch some larger fish.
Fish taken on the day
I had 5 carp, 3 larger skimmers and several small perch and roach. All on double red maggot.I only fished for 2 hours due to the late start
tight lines,
Kristian jones, Airbus coarse angling section


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