Four Oaks Farm (Summer)

Four Oaks Fishery (Chester) Thursday 21st July (Summer)

Fished the Heron pit for a change, thought I would give it a good go. The water is the match water with well placed and well featured pegs. There is good access to all pegs, and plenty of room for all your gear as well as being able to be double pegs.  

As you approach the water you are met with an island with long narrow stretches either side, with the rest of the water being more open, all pegs have good features, dispite the water being shallow in places, this water still holds a very good head of fish.

As always owner very friendly and the fishery was spick and span as usual.

Bait used on the day, 2&4 mm pellets for loose feed and ground bait in the feeder. 8mm pellet on the hook on pole, with approx 10mm spam on the feeder.

Fish taken on the day, Bream, Tench, Perch, Roach, Rudd and Gudgen.

Other anglers having carp on the day up to 10lb, and as I left good carp being taken on prawn on petes pool.



Heron Pit




1)  Pole, against reeds at island and mid water, fishing 8mm pellet on the bottom and double maggot up in the water.

2) Feeder, fishing in the middle of the water on spam.


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