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Matty Dawes Blog.

20th April 2013.
Last Saturday I was at old hough just past Winsford, it was the 2nd round of the airbus knockout cup and was over two lakes, I drawn on peg 12 lucky dip and fancied it really because I practiced the week before on peg 14! I set up a 5m line with 4x14 rig fishing a gamma black to 0.8, I also set up a across rig with a 808 and 0.11, I fed 150ml lose maggot at 5m and placed some 6mm punch bread on and went over to the far bank and it went under straight away!! A small skimmer into the net, 2nd time it went under straight away again it was black! Iv also had one more before anyone caught! Then I switch to maggot feeding nothing and catching every time, 2hours in iv come short and caught 8 big skimmers! A few chub an roach, I ended the match by starting to fed maggot over and it went black!! Iv ended up with 64fish for 34lb 4oz my 2nd match win in two weeks! Think my drawing arm is back! Tight lines.

13th April 2013
last sat i went off to weston pools, with abit warmer weather i thought it be abit better than it has been, its a rover on a sat and i drawn number 19out of 22!! not what i wanted and seen my arse abit haha! my turn came around to pick and i choose peg 19 on canal which can be great but hasnt had any good weights all winter, so i set up two rigs for across one on deck which was a malman benny and then a carpa sliver for dopping bread! and i one line at 6m, all in came and i went across on bread and it went stright under!! i thought mike been putting shot on my line haha, it wasn't it was a nice 2lb carp! then the next 1hour iv put the rig in the same place and had 12 fish, it was black, next few hours it slowed up, so i fished maggot across and caught some ide,chub, grass carp an f1's! i weighted in 64lb 4oz for a win!! that day i learnt dont give up even if you think its a shit peg!!
am fishing old rough fishery this weekend on the 2nd round the knockout cup !
tight lines...

31st March 2013
Yesterday I went off to Cheshire fishing for a sliver fish match, they where split over two lakes pool 2 and 5, I wanted to draw pool 2 really because a lot more skimmers than five an you can build a weight quicker, draw came ago and I go an draw pool 5 and the carp peg to!! Which doesn't help for a sliver fish match! Haha, my plan was really simple I set up 6m on the shelf which I would feed maggot by hand, and a 13m line which I would feed with groundbait looking for skimmers, I set a dead depth up and a double bulk rig for long and a 2-4 of bottom
For short line, all in came and I fed a small nugget of groundbait short and 5balls long, I started long shallow looking for afew early fish to calm me down! First half an hour was slow with only 10 small roach long, I'd been feeding short with maggot and was hopping to catch quick here, his is what happened! It was black really! The next two hours iv had one every put it, then iv seen some bubbles long so I was hoping it was black with skimmers, iv had 3 skimmers in 3 put ins then Mr carp had come along and iv had 4 ! I left that line because Carp won't move from there now!! Last hour iv came short an caught roach again! Iv weighed 20lb 9oz or roach an odd skimmer and also won the biggest carp! With a 4lb 9oz carp, well done to my mate mike rough for a 25lb net of skimmers,

Me an mike both used abc cp-70 groundbait

30th March 2013.
Tuesday I went off to Brookside fishery, I never been or even seen the place before so I got some info off Kristan Jones about the place! It's a lovely looking fishery with a snake 1&2 being in the match I was looking forward to it because this the fishing I love! Draw came along and I drawn 23 snake 1, I got told its a good area so off I went to my peg, getting to the peg it was 14m and A few features across that I could fish to with a nice depth with it, iv set 3 rigs up one for across which was 3ft one down track but used this rig in 4different swims, and a doppin rig for bread! All In came along and I set of fishing bread trying to nick a bite, nothing came so I went down the track and had a big f1 straight away then followed by a gudgeon, 3hours this all I had thinking of packing up then they turned up on my across line catching odd f1s iv weight 28lb, the lad on 20 had 28lb 4oz and lad to my left had 28lb 2oz gutted!! But made 3rd overall so was happy with that.

4th February 2013.

Right people! After two weeks off because of rubbish weather I was back out this weekend at my favourite place of all Weston pools iv fished here for a number of years and summer its top class but winter time becomes abit harder and Peggy! So it was down to my drawing arm once again! So draw came along praying for the flyer you dream about! And once again it wasn't to be, 42 on canal can be good but reading the conditions I didn't fancy it! Gear out the car am walk to peg starts! Getting there I placed my box on the peg and there was a freezing wind in my face bloody lovely! I set up 3rigs 4x10, 4x12, 4x14 all with 0.8 and 20 hook set them all the same depth fancied doing abit f1 chasing! I thought I'd get most my fish down from the bridge to my left! All in came and I went to 13m in 4ft of water and dobbed so bread after 30mins nothing!! So started on the pellet feeding only 5 2mms to the bridge on my left thinking it would fly under but the next bite less came!! And I wasn't happy with other people catching fish I didn't know what to do so I set up a new line at 13m in 4ft of water feeding maggot with the catapult this was my only hope! After 5mins I got my first bite an fish!! A cheeky grass carp I fished this way for the next 3hours only catching 4 an hour iv ended up with 16fish for 9lb 12oz not good day at the office! But you never learn off a good day I say iv ended up 8th out 20 with that tho so been hard for a lot of people! I'll be out next week so tight lines!!!

12th January 2013.
Abit late but doing a blog on where iv been match fishing on the weekends, but last Saturday the 12th I went up to Lingmere, this place fishes really well in winter! Anyway the draw is a rover so I was hoping for an early number but it wasn't to be!! Got 20 out of 22! That's all the flyers gone, my time come so I picked peg 44 which ok area but won't beat some other pegs on lake, I set two rigs up one 4x10 with 0.8 bottom and a 20hook, the second rig was abit heavier with 4x14 with 0.8 bottom and 18 this rig for catching quicker, all in came around and I went to 13m on the light rig on a 4mm pellet I only fed 5 micro pellets just to get a quick feel how things are going 1st hour iv only had 2 big f1s going no where fast, so I went to 14m and did the same then had a great run of 12f1s but after this run it went dead, so I went to 16m had 1 then nothing I even when to 17m for last 30mims and had 3skimmers but that was it I weight in with 22lb which was 8th! Must try harder next time!!

Sunday I was up there again! But with an hard frost over night and cat ice on some pegs I was not expecting to catch much! Draw came along I wanted to draw match lake but no I was on pleasure once again!! Can't draw a good peg at the moment!! Anyway I was walking to peg 49 and I seen cat ice on right but left side was free, I set up same rigs as day before and all in came so I stated on pellet 13m and no bites for a hour I started feeding maggot into the ice free water on my left! I went on this line 4ich off deck with single maggot hoping for a bite and it went under Straight away!! Couldn't believe it so I stayed on this line for rest of Match catching IDE roach and skimmers and one f1! It came to the all out and I fancied my chances but got beat but 2lb on my lake caught some big carp on tip!! (lucky) I came 3rd with 26lb 4oz, good weekend fishing really, and haven't been this weekend having a clean up and getting ready for the 7 next week! Tight lines!!