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The Sniggs Pond, May 2013

My second trip to this fantastic water, and I was not be disappointed, the fact the fishery was so busy but only a hand full were on the Sniggs pool and the Ruddy pond was very busy baffled me, as the Ruddy pool has larger fish but is harder to fish, and it really appeals to your angler who knows Ruddy, the angler that can work the water layers, feed and fish accurately a distance and work the swim to produce the great fishing it can provide. Sniggs is an easier and more forgiving water to fish, with good depths down the track, very prominent margin and island shelves to fish against, with plenty of features.

The Sniggs pool is ideal for a pleasure days bagging, great for dads and lads, anglers new to fishing and still learning, but let’s face it you never stop when it comes to fishing, and small matches, the island is reachable from most pegs and good margin features all the way around with deep track ideal for pole and whip fishing, Andy the owner and the bailiffs have worked hard to make Sniggs a great mixed water for great bagging days on light gear for quality fish and continue to be dismayed over how little it is fished compared to the Ruddy pool and in my opinion from what I’ve seen people are missing out some times by choosing Ruddy over Sniggs.

I managed almost 50lb today of a mixed bag only fishing at five meters using two types of bait, simple tactics fishing on the deck feeding little and often accurately, as I say myself and the team always advise when feeding keep it little and often when fishing, big pots of pellets are good to start with to put the feed down, but during the session in our opinion feeding is the key to keep the bites coming, and when you get it right there is nothing better than seeing your float sat in amongst a mass of feeding bubbles.

The fish came all day with no real quiet period, it took Mirror, Common, Leather and F1 Carp, Roach Rudd, Skimmers, Bream and Tench. All fish were in great condition and a joy to catch, if you’re like me all you want to see is your float buried and elastic stretching, Sniggs the place for you, the water holds a great head of quality fish, same as Ruddy but Sniggs is a great water for constant bites and fish, just remember to keep things simple and the fish will come.

As always Andy and his team are moving the fishery forward with new stocks of fish for both waters and continued maintenance with increasing match weights and quality bags being produced. My best piece of advice for fishing Sniggs is keep it simple, fish accurate and feed  little and often, us the margins and shelves and do not forget the center trench.

Thanks again to Andy for his hospitality and myself and the team are looking forward to our next visit.




Pole at five meters, fishing on the bottom, size 16 Kamasan B911 F1 hook, 4lb main line and 3lb hook length, both reflex power from preston. 2G float with spaced shotting, 6mm expander on the hook, feeding socked 2mm pellets.


sniggs at ruddy may 2013