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Thrush Pool

Meadow View fishery Thrush Lake (Warrington) Thursday 22nd September 2011

Second outing to this venue, and I was not disappointed. The friendly professional staff and general upkeep of the fishery is of a very high standard. I fished the thrush pleasure lake, and what a pleasure it was. The water is of a good size and all pegs are of a good size and standing, with good access to all pegs.

I took at least 150lb of fish from carp to chub and a few nice roach. The fishing was prolific from start to finish, with me suffering a bit of back and arm ache. I fished in the margins, 9m out on pole and on the feeder. I fished on the bottom and up in the water which all produced fish.


Thrush Lake.


5TH peg on the right hand side looking from the gate.


1)    1) Feeder cast to aerator, ground bait mixed with 4-6 mm halibut pellets in the feeder with worm on the hook.

2)    2) Pole 9m out in front fished on the bottom and up in the water. Loose feeding red maggots, 4-6mm pellet with   6mm pellets and double red maggots on the hook.

3)    3)In the margins under your feet, 8mm pellet on the hook, loose feeding 4-6 mm pellets. I found if I consentrated the feed the bites come fast on constant, the key I found was to feed often in small    amounts.


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