River Dee Farndon 14th March 2012

River Dee Farndon (Chester) 2012

Fished Farndon to finish of the river season, there was I, Mark Crawford, John Wineyard and Jim Bewley of Ruddy Pond Chester. I arrived at 06:00, Jim and John at 05:00 and Mark at 03:30, as mark knew something we did not, and if you look at the pictures you will soon see why.

We fished four different, methods myself on the tip, Jim on centre pin and bolo, Mark on the waggler and John on the pole. Fishing the last four pegs on the Farndon side, Mark on the disabled pegs at the end, Jim next down, then me and John on the fourth peg from the end.

 Marks peg: Mark fished the waggler around half way across the water trotting on the deck, fishing corn and bronzed maggot on the hook, Mark fed often with hemp, bronze maggots and corn. Mark had over 60lb and 60 chub, with a few big dace. Marks angling was faultless and a joy to watch

Jims Peg: Jim fished the bolo close in as there was a snag further out, which we concluded was holding the chub there over marks feed. Jim trotted his bolo to the end of his peg with bronze and red maggot feeding little and often, resulting in a fish a chuck, but in Jims words it got a little boring, as the dace attacked his bait as soon as it entered the water. Jim ended up with a nice bag on dace and small grayling. Jims centre pin reel and 20ft rod was wheelded with accuracy and a great looking piece of kit.

My Peg: I fished the tip, as my peg was not right for waggler or bolo fishing. I fished the tip approx half way across, using 50g block end feeder, with hemp, caster and maggots with maggot on the hook.  Which was getting plenty of bites but not hitting many, as the tiny dace were having a field day. Most of my fish were taken on caster and corn. I took chub, roach, dace and grayling. The river was low, so I think the tip was not the best for today.

Johns Peg: John fished the pole about 10 meters out, with double maggot and double caster, feeding little and often, which produced plenty of dace and grayling, but he had his best fish down the left margin, under the dead tree's fishing maggot and worm for some nice perch, and got snapped a fair few times with some big fish. John is a matchman , used to commercials and still water, but shown his real skill today as an angler, by overcoming his lack of river experience and still finding a bag of fish.

All in all a great end to the river season and cannot wait for I to start as I will be back on Farndon and on the Severn and the Trent after those barbel.


farndon march 2012