Maver Elite 3 Carp Pole (2014 Model)

Written By.
Dave Williams.

Today I fished on Badger at Lloyds Meadow using my new Maver Elite 3 Carp Pole, and here is just a small review of the pole and my thoughts from today and how it performed. Upon taking the Pole from the tubes first thing I noticed was how smart the Graphics are along the 13m 14.5m and 16m sections of the pole, striking Green in the Maver colours with the mottled effect along each section down to the top twos and the cupping kit. The Elite 3 has a fantastic finish on the pole which helps with the smooth shipping out called Sun Core, making it perfectly smooth coming off the rollers over your legs and into position to fish.

 I found the pole to be very rigid, very well balance even at 16m and I think it’s going to be very much at home on any commercial water, river or CanalThe pole has a RRP at around £1600 but if you shop around you can pick one up for around £1000 at the moment, and for that price you’re looking to get 16m Pole standard 8 powerlite top kits, Slotted and pre internally bushed 1 Mini Extension and 1 Cupping kit.

 The kits am using today were already supplied with Daiwa Hydro Elastic of various ratings from White to Black, making my job a little easier, although the pole top kits do not have any Maver Easy Flow cone bungs fitted I still wanted to try it out, but I will buy these and fit at a later date. Setting up the top kit, I opted to use Grey Hydro for the Island swim as the carp in Badger go well into double figures, using this would help me land the carp with ease but also allow me to hit bites from silvers and ide too, two more kits followed with White Hydro down the track on the pellet and also for the shallow rig with maggots.

Fished 16m to the island for 2 hours fishing maggots, with two and three on the hook, and only managed to catch a few silvers, but was really impressed with the top quality build on the pole, also the male and female joints with no signs of sponginess on any of the walls .Moving onto the track line and fished it for a further two hours, fishing with hard 4mm and 6mm pellet, managed to land a couple of Crucian carp and a couple of small commons, with again a mix of silvers. Fishing  around 8 meters out, and the pole was superb, managed to connect with every bite and seeing the elastic coming out was a very nice sight indeed.

 Finished the short Session fishing 13m out shallow using double Red maggot as bait and firing out 5 or 6 maggots every 30 seconds to get the ide on the munch, they soon turned up and again at 13m the pole was a pleasure to fish with, with the constant shipping back and forth of the pole running very smoothly I knew I had made the correct decision to buy this pole.

 Rigs for the day Island, 12-18 deep, Maver Genesis smart line, 4.2lb down to 3lb bottom, using size 16 cs 22 invincible hook, with a Maver Slotty series 14 float double red maggot.Track, Genesis smart line, 4.2lb down to 3lb bottom, size 18 cs 22 invincible hook, float this time was a Maver Slotty 17 pole float for the deeper water down the track, fishing Hard banded Pellet. Shallow Genesis smart line 3lb to 2.2lb Bottom, size 18cs 22 invincible hook, and again Maver Slotty series 14 float 4x10, double red maggot , and spraying.

 Finished the session with around 30lb of Carp, Perch, Skimmer, Roach, Gudgeon, and quite a few Ide, and although I was using a Carp pole, I still managed to use it today to maximizing my catch with silvers in the mix too.

 Final thoughts on the pole Superb bit of kit and would recommend to anyone thinking of buying one in the near future.

 Regards Dave (FITNW)