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Ribbon Pool at Partridge

Partridge Lakes (Warrington) 2/5/2022


Before I give this review...I have to say I am disappointed in myself, as it has taken me a year of living in Warrington to get round to fishing this venue........I have missed out big time.

On arriving to this venue I was extremely impressed by this great looking fishery, from the way the waters are crafted in the country side and the friendly welcoming atmosphere of the staff, this fishery is one of the finest I have visited so far since creating Fishing In the Northwest. 

My day started at 06:30 as the gates opened, which suits me, soon as the suns up fishing should start. I had decided on Ribbon to fish, I was very lucky as the water was closed for myself and another angler, which I will tell you about later. I had a little inside information from the bailiff of how to fish this water, utilising the deep track running along the middle of the water, the island is approx 11m from the peg, with a 2 foot gap in the reeds showing bare bank, to get pole rigs right up close, and I fished the margins. Just a note, all the pegs have a gap on the island right in front of the peg, which is a great feature.

The water itself is a 20 peg water, all pegs very accessible, of very good size, with every peg able to reach the island. This water would be great for disabled and anglers and those who use wheel chairs. All the waters on the complex have great accessibility and all pegs look in good order. The water has a lot of features which would hold fish and distinctive shelves to fish on.

The fishing itself was top draw, I took lots of fish, which I will explain more in the tactics, I took Mirror, Common and F1 Carp, Ide, Bream, Roach, Perch and Chub. All fish were fin and scale perfect, good colours and good size, I fished just double maggot from 07:30 – 15:00 and weighed in a 30lb 3 oz net of mixed carp and silvers, then I targeted the Carp up against the island on pellet and must have done another 25-30 lb of Carp, it was one a chuck up against the island, my elastic spent more time out than in. It was key to keep the feeding constant in small amounts and with great accuracy.

The other angler I was sharing this water with was Andy May, the Kamasan Champion and Map sponsored Match angler who was giving some private tuition. Andy was kind enough to let me take some pictures of him while he was teaching, and he will contact me so I can put him on the tuition and coaching page, watch out for that coming soon. All in all every nice chap to talk to and a extremely competent angler.

Before we get on the tactics and photos, I would like to say a big thank you to Mel and Nel the bailiffs who were very welcoming and spent a lot of time with me. They know the waters like the back of their hands and are more than happy to help with anything. These two Gents are a credit to this venue and our sport.






1)      Pole line 2/3 across towards the island on the bottom, fishing double red maggot, size 18 hook, feeding 2-4mm pellets and maggot little and often.

2)      Pole line to the island, using the gap cut in the reeds, fishing at the stop of the shelf, fishing double red maggot and 6mm soft hook pellet, feeding 2-4mm pellet and maggot.

3)      Margin, up in the water approx 2 foot, double maggot on the hook and feeding red maggot.

See pictures for tackle used, red krilled maggot and sonubaits F1 6mm pellets worked well on the hook, but keep your feeding tight and often, accuracy is the key. If you want a real mixed bag of fish, use double red maggot, if you want to bag up on the Carp stick to pellets. Keep your tackle light and small, size 18 hook, and my pole line was no bigger than 4lb with 2lb hook length. If you are against the island, use stronger elastic, I was using grey hydro from Diawa, and blue hydro mid water.



Partridge lakes ribbon