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Lloyds Meadow Badger

Lloyds Meadow Fishery, Chester 28/03/2012.

Fished Lloyds Meadow today on Badger, there was myself, Mathew Dawes (Welsh and Airbus Matchman) and Dennis Jones (National Finalist and Canal Matchman).

This was my first trip to this fishery, and I cannot believe I have waited this long to have a bash, the four pools look very well kept, the pegs are of good standing and a good size and well spaced. The car park is of good size, there are toilets and bait available. The fishery itself is set in a beautiful small valley cut into the Cheshire sandstone.

We fished Badger, which is the match lake, there is good access to this lake, with a large island, easy reachable by pole and feeder. We took Ide, Carp (Mirror, Ghost, common and crucian) some Fantails, Gold fish, Tench, Skimmers, Bream and Roach.

Tactics and Pegs.

9. Dennis fished this peg, at 14m to the island up in the water and on the bottom, feeding little and often. Dennis fished small cubed meat and corn on the hook, taking a lot of Ide Carp, Tench and Roach.

8. Mathew fished this peg, at 14m to the island and 11m at the bottom of the shelf leading to the island. Fishing on the bottom, 6mm soft hook pellet feeding little and often. Matty took Carp, Ide, Bream, Skimmers and Roach.

7. This was my peg, I fished to the island on the small Preston method feeder 15g, and using dead double red maggot and corn taking good sized Carp Roach and Bream.

All in all, this entire fishery is extremely well kept and run, it’s a beautiful place to fish and I cannot wait to go back. The owner John was very helpful and welcoming.




lloyds meadow badger