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Pool 2 (Winter) January 2013

When I got up this morning to a very frozen car I did think about getting back under the covers with the wife.....but I am very glad I did not, as we had a great day despite the cold weather. I knew it was going to be a good day when I watched a Barn Owl hunting while I waited for the others to arrive, which put me in a great mood even before we wet our lines, and with James Davies and Lee Griffith joining me from the site the coffee, banter and chat would flow.

The weather was bitterly cold at -3.5 and the water being frozen solid it was going to be an interesting day.  Cheshire fisheries is known as a great winter venue, after breaking the ice and having it freeze over again and breaking it again we set to it and I was strait into a Common Carp approx 5lb on single red maggot on a size twenty hook, so you can imagine trying to keep the elastic and line off the ice in the small channel I had made was easier said than done, but after a long battle I got it in.

James also had a little surprise and his first cast as the tip went belting round he lifted into a nice Carp, but unfortunately the ice had re-frozen around is line and he got cut off, but a good start indeed. As the ice re-froze around us we were limited at times to where we could fish. As the ice formed in the middle and covered a great deal of water surface myself and James were forced to fish short, but we managed plenty of fish and plenty of bites, which you could not ask more of a venue given the weather. Lee fished at 10 meters on chopped worm and caster, having a nice bag around 10lb of mixed fish including Roach, Skimmers and a nice Ghost Carp. I and James fished single maggot up in the water at around 5 meters mid water and had plenty of fish; James also took around 10lb of mixed fish, Roach, Rudd, Skimmers and Common Carp.

I had a good sport with a few Carp and plenty of silvers to start with, I really wanted to fish long pole over pellets but the ice was not letting me, so at the end of the session I decided to fish straight lead with a small yellow 8mm boilie to the middle of the water while I started to pack my pole away and have some coffee and take it easy as the snow started. Well the tip hammered round with a nice Common and the Carp kept coming, I had 30lb all together in the last hour, I did not feed anything and I could not go wrong, this is something learnt for next winter and I sure my team mates will be adopting this tactic for our next visit.

Fish taken on the day were Common, Ghost and Mirror Carp, Rudd, Skimmers and Roach, all in great condition. You could not have asked for better sport for this time of year and with such adverse weather conditions you would be hard fetched to find a still water that fishes better in the winter. A big thanks to all the staff at Cheshire Fisheries, and big thanks also to Simon for all his hospitality and guidance.

Quote of the day “Nothing like playing a nice Carp on light tackle as the snow comes down”


Pool 2


Last three pegs on the left before the tree as you look from the car park.


Adam: Pole at 5 meters, mid water, single red maggot, size 20 hook. Bomb middle of the water, size 18 hook, 8mm yellow boilie hair rigged.

James: Pole at 5 meters, mid water, single red maggot, size 18 hook.

Lee: Pole at 10 meters, maggot and caster, size 18 hook.


pool 2 winter 2013