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Pool 2 (Autum) 8th October 2012

This was a silvers day that did not go quite to plan, left my caster and maggot in the fridge, got there late due to the traffic and then my number four section broke itself......god known’s how that happened. But a great days fishing was had none the less.

I headed to this fishery for the second time this year, as this water is known for its great cold weather fishing and good head of silvers I planned to target them. I balanced my tackle to make sure all fish were hooked and so if I hit a lump I had a chance of getting it near the net. The water felt cold but had good colour so I knew the fish were on the feed still, there was not much topping but got set up and went at it.

I fished at 11 meters on the deck with a light set up and the bites were very shy to start with and missed a few, with a little weight added and my float dotted down I started to hit the silvers and then it into my first lump, and despite target the silvers I was to have a good 6 at about 5-6lb.

I took 40lb of fish in my nets without the lumps that got put back in the drink. The fish were all in great condition, fish taken were Common, Ghost, F1, Mirror and Crucian Carp, Roach, Goldfish, Skimmers, Bream and Rudd.

I really recommend this venue as the cold weather starts to come in and will be popping back even when the frost covers everything. Big thanks to Simon the bailiff for all his help. Have a look at the tactics to see what tackle and bait was used.


Pool 2.


Far end on the right by the inlet pipe.


Pole at 11 meters on the bottom, size 18 kamasan B911 hook, 4LB main line and 2lb hook length both preston innovations reflo power line, 4mm soft hooker pellets, feeding 2mm pellets little and often. The key was to feed little and often, if you over feed the bites died off, so little and often is the key for this time of year.


chaehire pool 2 autum