Damhead Fishery.

Damhead Fishery, 17TH July 2012

“Adam, you fished that Damhead Fishery yet lad?” came the voice from down the phone, as I had not and was dying to go, I thought lets have it, as my fishing on the Wirral was falling behind.

I had looked at this fishery a few times on line, and heard great things from a few anglers, especially Angling Addict, whose videos can be seen in the videos section. After looking at the website and reading the comments I had a good idea of how I was going to attack it and got geared up ready, with a break in the weather promised all systems go.

The fishery itself is not the biggest but it is full of character and every peg is well spaced and have plenty of features. There is an island reachable with feeder, or pole and waggler from some pegs. The fishery is well maintained and stacked, with great care taken to keep the balance of wild life and angler. The pegs are of good standing with plenty of space. The peg I chose had plenty to fish towards, lily pads to my left, open water to my front plus an island and a low hanging tree to my right, really good looking peg.

The fish taken were plenty and of good size, the fishing was constant with bites coming with every chuck, on the pole or feeder. Fish were Common and Mirror Carp, Roach, Rudd, Tench and Skimmer Bream. The bites were slight and very delicate even for the Carp. The fish looked healthy and I really enjoyed that every time the float went under the elastic either rattled or stretched, every bite had the potential to produce different fish.

Big thanks to Roger the Bailiff, who was very supportive of my day at this fishery and a bottomless pit of advice and information on the water. I cannot wait for my next trip, will fish the lily pad swims on my next visit.


Damhead Fishery.




  1. Feeder to the island, small Drennan 10g cage feeder, Preston hair rig size 18 hook, with 2-4mm pellet in the feeder and 8mm pellet on the hair rig.
  2. Pole in open water out in front at 7 meters, fishing on the bottom and feeding 2-4mm pellets, with 6mm soft hooker pellet on a size 16 Kazaman F1.
  3. Pole to the right under the tree, fishing ion the bottom, and feeding 2-4 mm pellets, with 6mm soft hooker pellet on a size 16 Kazaman F1.

In conclusion, this is a very well run fishery, with plenty of fish and character, my main tip as always is to feed little and often, keeping your feed and tight and accurate, every time fishing 7  meters a pole pot went in. Fishing the margins throw 4-5 pellets in every minute and you will not go wrong.


damhead 17th july 2012