Promoting great places to fish in the North West.

We fish many venues from clubs, fisheries, canals, rivers and lakes. We are no expert, but we know our passion of this sport is shared by many, and we hope this site will help others. We will be posting reviews of the venues we fish including what peg, tactic, method and bait used. We will include links to fishery websites, address and phone numbers of the venues we visit.


Meet The Team.

James (Jay/Mr Preston) Davies, Coarse/Match Angler.

For me you cannot beat that feeling no matter what age you are of leaving the mad world behind and heading for a session on the bank, be it a hot Summer day or a frosty snowy Winters morning you just can’t beat the buzz and banter setting the gear up then shipping out the pole watching the float settle then get planted under the surface and the elastic stream out. My favorite method got to be fishing on the tip, be it method/cage feeders or straight bomb, you can’t beat that buzz watching the tip getting pulled round and hitting into a fish. My I have two favorite fish, the first is the good old Roach there is something special about Roach, maybe because it’s the first fish most of us catch as kids, love my roach fishing and it really comes into its own in the winter months. The second is the Tench, great fighters and I love fishing old school ledger for them is wicked.


Adam (Bilbo Baggins) Bowen, Coarse/Barbel Angler.

I just love fishing, just being on the bank is good enough for me, the excitement of watching the float going under or tip going round. I really cannot wait for every session and being on the bank with my friends.I started this site in 2011 to share great places to fish and it has grown into a busy site with a great team of anglers. My favorite fish has got to be the Barbel, especially on the river. My preferred method has got to be the tip, especially on the River and large lakes. 

 Stephen (The Bank Tramp) Roberts, Coarse/Carp Angler.

 My name is Steve Roberts and I live in Wrexham North Wales. I have been fishing for as long as I can remember, as most my dad got me into fishing which i thank him for. I started my fishing on the river Dee (Wales) where I spent most of my teenage years going around twice a week back then. in the 90s we found a local commercial where my passion for fishing lakes begun, we fished for Tench, Crewies, Rudd, Bream and my introduction to my first Carp capture. I spent many years there learning the skills needed to fish lakes and also started pole fishing. From these lakes I joined a local club where slider fishing for big Bream and Tench was the norm. From there I started chatting to the clubs Carp anglers and it become apparent I started to spend more and more time targeting the big Carp in there and a bank tramp was born.

From there I joined another club where my Carp angling took on the next level fishing big deep natural lakes where I called it my second home and to this day I still love fishing those lakes and probably will for the rest of my days. I had been Carp angling for around 10yrs when my first child was born and time on the bank was becoming a privilege rather than essential so slowly but surely I started returning back to the waggler-pole fishing as this was taking far less time away from home.

Since then I’ve since had a second child and Carp fishing as a whole is on the back burner but I do like to get out a few times a year proper Carp angling staying the weekend of course. as you guys will see from the fishing in the North West site my ugly mug pops up quite regular more than often with the pole in hand as these days I really enjoy the banter amongst the team whilst out reviewing these venues for you good people more than often at the expense of the gaffer Mr. Bowen.
Think that’s enough information to bore you viewers so its tight lines from me and hope to see you perhaps join us on one of our many adventures up and down the North West.

Matty (F1) Dawes, Match Angler/Team Wales.

I fish with Airbus and also the Welsh Squad, I have three Celtic cup caps and hopefully will be going to the world championships in France later this year. My favorite venue is Weston Pools in Oswestry, there are a lot of different methods and different lakes to work out. I enjoy fishing shallow, as I believe you have to work hard for your bites pushing yourself all the time.

My favorite fish are F1 Carp, I really enjoy catching them because you have to work really hard to get them feeding and always thinking how to catch them. I will be fishing a lot more natural waters to improve that side of my fishing, also some club and open matches. Hope to see you on the bank and tight lines.

For my personal blog please follow this link. My Blog.

Angler Testimonials.

"its great to see your prepared to share information with others Adam, to help there  fishing" Andy Findlay (Preston Inovations & Sonubaits)

"Fantastic website Adam, very informative and all of the venues you have listed are well worth a go, in particular Partridge where we met.  Its great that you can share this information for those anglers who don't know where to start, all these venues are guaranteed to give you bites, see you soon" Andy May (MAP and Kamasan Champion)

"Hello Adam, its Carl McCormack, we met on saturday. I have had a look at your website and your doing a fantastic job,your passion and will to share is awsome mate keep it up"

Site Supporters.

North Wales members of the team use Lionel’s Tackle Shop (Buckley) voted "best tackle shop in Wales" by the Anglers Mail 2011.


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