Wounderful Weir

Written By
Adam Bowen


As the years have continually been good to us at Fishing in the North West, our adventures are continuing to reach new highs, with some amazing days on the bank, and bags of a life time, and today's adventure was one of those red letter, not soon to be forgotten in a hurry days. I followed Stephen Roberts from the team down to Weston Pools to for the Weir pool, after an amazing three day festival the weekend before, Stephen had great aspirations for a fish or two.

We arrived nice and early, had a walk around weir, and with a southerly warm wind blowing into to the corner near the entry gate, Stephen decided that was the corner for him. After dipping his nets and acquiring the days bait, Stephen set up ready to go. With the wind cutting from the right, and the aerators on, there was a permanent ripples with a some tow. Plenty of fish showing up in the water, great water temperature, it looked a very fishy day indeed. Stephen set up his first line, top two plus two over a maggot line, directly in front of him, fishing maggot over maggot, potted in Corn to his left margin, and started flicking 6mm pellets to about 10 meters, he was properly getting his head into and really working his swim.

It was a matter of moments before his top two and two line started to produce fish, and what fish they were, a great mixture of Ide, F1, Common, Crucian and Mirror Carp, Roach, Gudgen, Barbel and Tench. The sport was frantic all day with Stephen working all three of his lines, but to be honest, he could have stayed on the two plus two line all day it was that good, but in true Roberts style he really wanted to demonstrate what the peg had to offer, for those anglers who prefer an up n the water line or a margin line.

Stephen fished accurately, feeding little and often on the up in the water and close line, and potting a good pot of Corn done the margin as the bites slowed. Every line was on fire, Stephen started off with three keep nets and it wasn't long before he needed to borrow a fourth. With fish welfare extremely important to Weston pools and the team, Stephen had his nets in for five hours, the same as any match run on this water.

Stephen had an amazing day, and it was great to see him take the water apart and show that Weston pools is one of the premiere fisheries in country. Big thanks to Richie, Mike and the Weston team for their hospitality, to Dino floats for their continuing support.

Water: Weir Pool

Peg: 16

 Tactics: Two plus two line, Float Dino Gino's 0.3, on the deck, feeding white maggots, double maggot on the hook. Up in the water at eleven meters, banded 6mm pellets, feeding 6mm little and very often, under a 0.1  Bob float from Dino. Margin line was a again a Dino Gino's fished over corn with corn on the hook.