Team Social on Jacks Pool, 10th August 2014

As the team continues to prosper and our work is becoming followed by a wider audience of anglers, we have decided to start having social events so all the team can get together and we can invite guest anglers along who support what we do to spend some time with the team on the bank, and hopefully catch a few fish. We were lucky enough to have Jacks pool all to ourselves for the social, and with it being a well known water producing plenty of fish and good bags we were all chomping at the bit to get going and wet a few lines.

Jacks pool is set in a beautiful area of the fishery, it has well established vegetation, it is sheltered and looks like its been there for years, with a selection of large lily pads, an island, great depths in the margins, well spaced and constructed pegs, good depths and plenty of fish to go at, I could see why it was one of the most popular waters on the complex. The fishing its self was fantastic, all of us catching well, with Mark Clutton taking 68lb, Ian Jones taking 45lb and Stuart Lennon taking a 46lb bags of fish with the everyone else between 25 to 40lb bags its was and impressive day, taking nearly 410lb of mixed fish between us all, which is not quite as much as the regular match lads do between them, however nothing to be ignored when considered most  of us had never seen the water before and it was a pleasure and easy going day.

We all agreed that despite this venue being a very popular and heavily fished water, the condition of the fish was extremely impressive, the quality and diversity of the fish can be  only down to one thing, and that was the care and dedication of the fishery owners. The fact that they have very sensible rules, which they police to ensure great fish care and treatment as well as keeping the water quality high,has resulted  in all this creating an environment and habitat for the fish to thrive and create what is considered to be one of the prolific and best fisheries in the country.

With all of us on the bank fishing the waggler, pellet waggler, long and short pole both up in the water and on the deck, method and cage feeders and down the edge, with a combination of castor, pellet, maggot, 2-8 mm pellets, corn and hemp they all produced fish, what ever you took and fished resulted in bites. The most efficient bagging method would defiantly have to be down the edge, fishing the margin just of your platform, which produced the 40 and 60lb bags.

If you are looking for a water for a small club match, or a days pleasure fishing, look no further than Jacks Pool, the mixture of silver fish, impressive F1,Mirror and Common Carp and extremely hard fighting and cracking sized Barbel in this water will line you up for a great days fishing, I would look to this venue definitely in the Winter, as the amount of skimmers gudgeon and Roach will make for some entertainment on those cold and frosty days.

Big thanks to the team at Weston Pools and especially to Richie Parry for looking after us ,and hope to be back again soon, and I even think some of the lads liked it that much they are thinking of joining the match scene that is rapidly becoming the most popular open and rover match complexes the North West and West midlands has to offer.