Nemesis Taming on Belvedere

Written By
Stephen Roberts.


Thursday 6th of August Weston pools.

 Well thought it was about time I visited this great fishery, once again been hearing nothing but great reports for team member Ian Jones. The match weights for Weston pools are nothing short of amazing regular 200lb+ weights are now winning the matches on there and 100lb+ is common for a lot of match weights.

 Onto my session, on arriving at Weston pools I realised that I had forgotten my Barrow so had to carry my gear to the lake on this I picked peg 1 on belvedere being pretty close to my car. The lake it's self is stunning with beds of lily pads excellent margin features and a massive plus point for myself the pegs(platforms) were more than big enough to accommodate my seat box, side tray and still room to get on and off my box safely. I started off fishing shallow will 6mm fishery bought pellets using a dibber style float 0.2 to 0.15 mainline and 0.11 hook lengths.

 There were plenty of fish in the swim but bites were few and far between so having remembering something Ian Jones had mentioned to me I switched to maggots shallow. I caught a great amount of Ide averaging around the lb mark so soon built up a great weight on Ide alone. Whilst fishing shallow I also managed some impressive mirror carp up too 12lb great fun fishing shallow. But another reason I decided on belvedere was an elusive Barbel the other team members know this species is my nemesis I just couldn't catch them. By around 1 o'clock I still hadn't landed a Barbel so quick text and some more info from Ian.

 On his information I started potting in large cups of just maggots right tight to the near margin within minutes at long last had my first Barbel in my landing net at long last. From there on I proceeded  to catch plenty of Barbel up to around 6lb, outstanding sport from these fish and I still managed some decent sized carp and a few f1's. Margin rig consisted of again 0.15 mainline to 0.11 hook lengths to s16 B911 hooks. This was an outstanding session I really enjoyed the day from catching loads of Ide in open water to Barbel down the margins.

 Would like to give thanks to the owners of giving me special permission to put a keep net out for a few of hours and hospitality on the day. Also special thanks to Richie Parry from Weston for his his help and continuing support of our team. One last thing if you are going to target the Barbel in belvedere be ready for them I had 1 elastic bottom out so ended up using Maver dual core 12-20 which coped much better can highly recommend this elastic for the Barbel and plenty of maggots mass potting in you soon go through lots of bait.