Canal Pool, 30th July 2012.

The Canal Pool with Adam Bowen and Matty Dawes.

I have been saying for ages that I need to go to Weston Pools, with Dennis Jones and Matty Dawes two rather good matchman banging on about it to me for ages thought it was time to go down.

Looking at the venue I was rather impressed, and the fishing did not let it down. We turned up nice and early at half seven, with the fishing opening at 08:00 we had chance to look around and dip our nets ready to go. We spoke to the general manager John who was very helpful, with a tackle and bait shop on site we picked up a few bits before we started.

The venue itself was clean, all pegs were well placed with features for most pegs on all the pools, access to all pegs was great with all pegs being well spaced with plenty of room. All the pools are well landscaped with lots of character and looking very fishy.

We fished the canal pool, and we did 210lb between us, but to be honest Matty did 154lb and I made up the rest, maybe that is why he fishes for Wales. We both used different tactics on pole and the rod, but the result the way Matty was using his pole was the way to bag big weights, but more of that in the tactics to come.

The Canal pool is snake like in shape with lots of lily pads open banks to cast a feeder to, deep margins and open bays. The fish we took were F1, Mirror, Leather Back, Common, Linier Mirror and Crucian Carp, Golden Orf, Tench, Ide and Barbel. All the fish that were tacked were in great condition, it was great to see a fishery dedicated to keeping a great head of fish, and when the fish come first it makes anglers come back.

The fishing, facilities, staff and waters are fantastic with great care and dedication by the owners, I highly recommend a trip to this venue because you will be missing out on a great days fishing if you don’t. Thanks for the support of John and the team at Weston Pools for supporting my review and making this venue one not to miss.


Canal Pool.


19 Adam Bowen

20 Matty Dawes.


Adam Bowen.

Flat method feeder (Preston 15g) to the far bank, 4mm cubed meat on a hair rig with size 16 hook, 2mm pellets with krill and a little horlicks mixed in (when dry)  to make them stick better, remember soak 2mm pellets in water then drain off and leave them for 10 min before using.

Pole at 6meter to lily pads fishing 1 ½ feet deep, 6mm soft pellet on a size 16 hook feeding 4-6mm pellets little and often, even double maggot at that depth feeding maggots little and often produced good fish.

Margin on the bottom, 4mm cubed meat and 6mm soft on the hook size 16. Feeding 4-6mm pellets little and often.

Matty Dawes.

Flat method feeder (Guru X feeder 15g) to the far bank, 6mm hair rigged pellet with size 16 hook. 2mm pellets moulded on the feeder.

Pole at approx 8 meters to lily pads. Fishing hard banded 6mm pellets to size 16 hook around foot deep feeding 6mm pellets little and often slapping the rig on the water to simulate pellet and to bring the fish up in the water.

Pole to the lily pads fishing sloppy bread (Bread mixed with water to a sloppy pulp) and 6mm bread punch on the hook at approx 8 inches deep this was a devastating tactic which produced a lot of fish for Matty. Feeding the sloppy bread using a pole pot and slapping the tip of the pole and cup to mix the bread to a cloud up in the water, which had the carp swirling and fighting for the bread particles. If you run out of bread you can use sloppy ground bait as well has the same affect. Check out the videos to see how it works.

As I always say and Matty will agree with me, be accurate with your casting and pole work, keep your feeding accurate and constant, little and often to keep the fish intrested.

Tight lines.


weston canal


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YouTube Video