The Trap Pool 2nd September 2012

As far as clubs go this is a great one, with pristinely kept water too junior coaching this club and water is a gem. The water is a good size with plenty of pegs to choose from with all different depths and species to catch. The pegs are extremely well kept, well spaced and a good size.

The fishing itself was hard on the day, we chose the shallow pegs and the water was very clear and still as a mill pond so I knew we had our work cut out for us. I was joined my Graham Tasker from Lionels tackle who work very close with the club, where you can buy your day tickets and years licence.

I and Graham took Carp, Skimmers, Ide, Roach and Perch, all fish in great condition, Grahams carp looked like it had never been caught before and was a great looking fish.  This is no 100lb bagging carp puddle in the ground, which I think is part of its charm, and you have to work at your angling.

The tactics and bait varied constantly through the day for us both, due to the fish not playing, but hey it is called fishing and not catching, and I am sure we were not getting the full potential from the water on this visit.

Thanks again to the Club for their support and get yourself down for some traditional Club angling on a natural water.


Trap Pool Buckley.