James Davies on Peg 33, 10th June 2014

Written By James Davies.

Today's little adventure took me to Buckley angling clubs water " the trap " pool, I had been hearing good reports about the fishing from two good friends of mine Steven Sumner and Eddie Cooper, and had a little session on the pool with them the previous week with great success. I arrived at the water at first light and had already decided on peg 33 for the session a peg which gave me different options with the small island about 30yrds in front of me to throw a feeder too, and features to my left and right in the form of a large over hanging bush to the left and a tree to the right. I set up stall and decided to fish a small Drennan 15grm cage feeder to the island with ground bait in the feeder and hair rigged corn hook bait, and a short pole line at 3/4 meters against the bush to my left.

I plumbed up my pole line dead on the bottom about 5 to 5 and a half foot then potted in two cups of maggots and loose ground bait, and while I waited for that to settle I clipped up on the tip rod a meter off the island and went to it. Before the Iine could finish sinking the line the tip shot round and I was in to my first fish of the session, an ide these fish are in abundance on this water and are of good size and fin perfect. I refilled the feeder punched it out and bang another ide, this was the result on my next 10 casts the ide were having it. I decided to have a cheeky coffee after the fast start on the tip and get the pole line working. So double red maggot on the hook I shipped out over the bed of bait lowered the rig in which I shotted right down to see every bite and the float got planted another ide. Every put in resulted in same way ide ide and more ide, I changed hook bait to corn and lowered the rig in it settle briefly and a lift bite and was into a bream.

Four more followed before things slowed down so I again potted in two cups of mixed maggots and ground bait and allowed the settle and threw the tip out with again with no bites. I shipped the pole with maggot hook bait over the feed again and bang the float was truly buried and the elastic streamed out, I had the Adam Bowen fishing light elastic and rig and get into one of the traps donkeys, the trap has a large head of big carp in double figures, so that was me for the next half hour battling the beast working the puller bung trying to get it up without snapping the 3lb hook length. I eventually got the carp up in the water and it was a common carp in double figures as I struggled with the my landing net which got caught in the bush before I lower it the water the carp decided I don't think so and powered away and the hook length gave carp one James nil.

 New hook length and back over the feed I landed crucian carp, perch and roach and counter settling on 115 fish for around 30/35lb. What a great session, all in all this club water is challenging and rewarding with the great depth of water in some pegs but this water and club is well run well looked after, pegs are of great standing and condition, Dave the bailiff is very friendly and approachable and will point you in the right direction.

Tactics peg 33. Tip rod, drennan 15grm cage feeder free running, 4" hook length to hair rigged size16 preston hook. Ground bait 50/50 mix sunobaits f1 sweat fishmeal and krill, hair rigged corn hook bait. Pole line, Middy carp gray float with 0.13 Preston reflo power mine line, 0.12 preston reflow power hook length to a size 16 kamasan wide gape hook, with double red maggot, corn, 6mm cube meat


james on the trap