Summer Days on Beacon View.

Another fishing trip to Lancashire to a place called Beacon View, I had a pre-visit to this place two weeks ago to try the water out and it was a superb days fishing resulting in me having a new PB on my pole, a carp of 16lb 6oz. Today's visit was much of the same as the last with plenty of fish coming to the net. Fishing on the Left hand side of the lake around mid way down the path I set myself up for a three way plan of attack.

1, Pellet feeder, and Method with soft Pellet
2, Pole close in 6-8m out, shallow fishing 18"-24" deep
3, Pellet Waggler up in the water

Attack 1, set up the pellet feeder straight away looking to fish around 30 yards out, as on arrival there was feeding fish giving off bubbles at that distance in front of me. First cast out and the tip flew round, resulting in a bream of around 2lb, much more of the same for the next hour or so, each cast out using Banded 8mm pellet and there was a bream every put in.
Change of feeder to a Method feeder brought instant takes from the carp now which had moved in pushing the bream out, again 8mm pellet resulting in carp over 10lb but many carp in the 3-8lb bracket.

Attack 2, Set the pole in for the close in work fishing shallow 18"-24" again using banded pellet 6mm and 8mm, using the Slap method on this water last time seemed to produce a lot  more fish and plenty more carp (slap method, slapping the pole float down on the water to imitate feeding Pellets), feeding wet micro pellets on this line with using the pellet on the hook produced fish from the start and the action was non stop, Bream to 2lb up in the water, Carp to 8lb, Roach, Rudd, Tench and Fan tailed Brown gold Fish. The fishing was that good, I would say it was my best days pole fishing for many many years.

Attack 3, Pellet waggler, casting out to around the same mark as the feeder line the carp were milling around the surface, with some excitement, first cast out a Bream took the 8mm banded pellet, but it was not long before the carp were taking the bait on nearly every put in, constantly feeding 6 pellets every cast out around the float the swim was alive with feeding fish, next cast out and after feeding the loose feed the float buried resulting in a 8lb 6oz common great fight off this fish using the waggler. Many more carp followed on this line with some nice Dog Roach falling to the pellet also.

Finishing the day with much reluctance, I needed to remove my keep net, and let me tell you I did struggle to remove it from the water with the shear amount of silver fish and carp which had found there way in there, Carp,Bream,Roach,Tench,Rudd, all accounting for well over 100lb of fish (not counting some of the other carp Ireturned to the water straight away due to their size).

Tactics i used on the day

1, Pellet Feeder/ method
Soaked pellets with added Halibut liquid, micros and 2mm on either a 28g Guru inline Pellet Feeder, or 30g Preston in line Method Feeder.
Hook, 4" Guru hook link, 16s MWG with hair cut off using a 8mm Banded Pellet

2, Fishing 18"-24" deep, Preston Reflow line straight through  0.15
    Hook, Guru 16s Xstrong carp spade, using bait band
    Float, Map S3 Shallow Pole Float 4x8

3, Preston loaded Dumpy 8g Waggler
    Line, Maxima 4lb straight through
    Hook, 14s Guru Pellet Waggler Hook with bait band

Fished this venue twice now and I will defiantly be returning in the very near future too, the venue in some pegs has around 8-10 feet of water and with the head of silver fish I have seen caught, so I do believe this will be a great winter venue too, Happy Fishing.