Villa Farm Fishery Small and Large Pool, Winter 2013

Villa Farm was the first outing this year for the team, and despite it being winter and the bad recent weather we were all looking forward to it and we were not to be disappointed. Villa Farm is run by Chris, who owns the farm across the road from the waters where you park, Chris is always happy to help and is very approachable, he knows his fish inside and out and this fishery as the largest mix of species myself or any of the team have ever fished for, when that float goes under you never know what you are going to pull out, and this is what Chris prides himself on.

This fishery does not only have a great mix of species, it is a fantastic winter venue, the large medium and small pools have a large head of silvers which are of a good size and great quality making for great Winter sport. James Davies, Lee Griffiths and Wendy Royels fished the large pool and I and Stephen Roberts fished the small pool, the small pool being deeper fished slightly better and is well known as the best of the three in the winter, but the large pool still produced plenty of fish for the anglers.

The day started of slow for us all, but as we kept trickling the bait little and often and feeding our swims the bites came and we started to catch, small fish at first just bits but as the day passed the fish got bigger of better quality, we took such a variety of fish, Ide up to 3lb, Carp to 5lb and even a number of Tench and Golden Tench even in February, which again is a sentiment to how good the fishing is at this venue.

Fish taken on the day.

  • Golden Tench
  • Tench
  • Skimmers
  • Bream
  • Ghost Carp
  • Common Carp
  • Gold Fish
  • Fantail Carp
  • Brown Gold Fish
  • Blue Orfe
  • Ide
  • Golden Rudd
  • Rudd
  • Roach
  • Perch
  • Koi Carp

In conclusion, Villa Farm is one of the best winter venues we have fished with the greatest variety of fish; the fishery is well run and focused on the angler and great fishing. There are plenty of other species other than the ones already mentioned, with Barbel, Golden Orfe and Crucian Carp on offer, also some specimen Carp to be found in the large and medium pools. This fishery offers something the large commercial fishery does not and that is the great variety of fish, and the personal touch of the owner, and at £3 in the winter and £5 in the warmer months with half price after 4pm it is one of the best value for money venues I know.


 We all fished maggot on the hook single and double, feeding maggot, 2mm pellets, and small nuggets of ground bait which was potted in little and often.  We all fished on the bottom, between six to eight meters, with light elastics and light tackle, size 18-20 hooks, light floats and small shotting all to help the shy biting silvers in the cold weather, also shotting our floats low due to the wind cutting across the water and the tow. Always remember if you lay your rig on the water and space your shot out, you will get a better presentation as the rig falls through the water and get some Ide Roach and Rudd on the drop.


villa farm winter 2013