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New Pool

10th May 2012

On a slightly windy and wet day forecast I thought I would give this little known fishery, a good go.I arrived later than normally at this venue about eight am, but was the only one there so had a good look around both pools. This venue is set in beautiful country side, the car park is a good size with toilets and hot/cold food, bailiff on site Thursday till Sunday for the overnighters on the specimen pool. All the pegs are very easy to get to, with disabled pegs on both pools with plenty of space. The pegs are of good standing and well spaced.

These pools are a far cry from holes in the ground; they are natural waters and look in great condition. These pools remind me of the waters I grew up on being taught how to fish by my dad. There are sunken trees and plenty of fish holding areas snags to fish against and over hanging trees, you really need to plumb the depth and fish old school, delicate and precise with light tackle.

I fished the new pool which is mixed course water and I mean mixed, when that float goes under the elastic either rattled with small silvers or made its way into the deep. The fishing was a bite a chuck on maggot’s mostly small stuff but I did have my biggest carp on them, but with a 6mm pellet the bites were slightly slower in coming but produced better fish.

I fished to the right of my peg about 8m in a bay between some weed and a sunken tree; you can see it on the pictures. The bites were very sensitive and delicate, with a liner if I lifted the float and dropped the bait the float would go under. The fish were varied in species and size; I took Common Carp, Bream, Skimmers, Crucian Carp, Roach, Rudd, Perch and Tench. The fish were in very good condition and fought hard, especially the Tench, but the carp I lost basically straitened my hook and all I could do was to hold on and hope the bottom trace held.


Second Peg on the left, as you look from the car park.


  1. Fishing to the island slightly to the left of a sunken tree, double red maggot and 6mm pellet on the hook, feeding 2-4mm pellets and red maggots.
  2. Fishing to my right between weed and sunken tree, double red maggot and 6mm soft hook pellet, feeding 2-4mm pellets and red maggot.


spring pool