More to Holbar

Written By
Adam Bowen.

Partridge lakes has got to be one of the teams favourite venues in the North West, with plenty to offer, great access to all lakes and a shining star for angling in the North West. With Holbar lake is the big Carp water that is on offer, however it has a silver secret. As normally you can see every angler tackling this water, fishing big baits, method and bomb tactics for the big girls lurking below the surface.

However, what if the Carp are not playing ball, or peg demand is very high for the prolific Carp pegs. Well, Holdbar, holds a very impressive head of silver fish, that will only improve due to the good amount of regular feed that enters the water all year round. With the options of deep long pole lines and great close range angling on the pole, this water lends itself very well to the pleasure angler who wants to catch plenty of mixed fish.

Bait choice for the day, was a little old school, going back to the type of fishing I did cutting my teeth on large natural lakes growing up. I fished, mixed with caster, fishing double caster on the hook. With the prolific number of small silvers in Holbar as the stocks develope, I went for caster to pick out hopefully the better silver fish, and with the knowledge of the large Skimmers in the lake, I was hopeful for a few slabs, and some very smelly nets.

I really wanted to keep it simple, so I set up two pole lines, long at 10m approx 6ft deep in open water just over depth with the float dotted down to the tip, watching for lift bites especially, and top two plus two, at approx my two o'clock down the shelf, always fishing two inches over depth on the line, laying the rig on each tine. With most fish and the bigger fish coming on the 10m line, early on in the session, and as usual with the sheer heat and humidity of the day, the bites tailed of off slightly in the midday sun, but bites never the less.

After having the nets in the water for approx five hours, I ended up with a really great mixed bag of silver fish, including Barbel, Skimmers, Bream, Roach, Rudd and Perch. The bag weighed in at 30lb 20z, for a very busy and interesting day, not only fishing light simple tactics, but plenty of bites without a Carp in site. Importantly, as always lessons were learnt, with maybe a chopped worm and caster session very soon. Big thanks to Dave, Barbara, Nel and Mel for their hospitality and continuing support, and carry on the amazing work. Big thanks to Attila Adam from Dino floats for his continuing support, and great floats.

Water: Holbar

Peg: 14

Tactics: Pole line, at 10m 6ft deep, 0.6 Chi Chi from Dino, with half of the tip blacked out for better bite indication in open white water, fished an inch over depth, small dropper and bulk shot above the three inch hook length. Line was Guru N-Gauge 4lb mine 3lb hook length, to a size 18 Kamasan F1 hook. Bait-Tech Pro Natural Bream ground bait, mixed with caster, double caster on the hook.

Pole line, 4 meters to my two o'clock at 4ft deep. 0.4 Dino Sedge float. Fished same line an hook as the 10m line, but fished caster over caster.