Pool 2 Revisited.

Written by:
Adam (Bilbo Baggins) Bowen.

After first visiting this venue nearly two years ago, I have been looking forward giving pool two another go, our first visit was such a success we were very excited at what it had to offer us on this trip. With the weather getting a little warmer and the carp starting to wake, I turned to Stephen Roberts from the team who has plenty experience of catching them on both specimen tackle and coarse gear. Stephen decided on using the flat method feeder for today’s adventure, casting approximately forty yards to one of the islands, 2mm pellets molded around a mixture of 6,8mm pellets and small boillies.

The day started of well for myself fishing my usual silvers line on the pole, getting plenty of small silvers, Perch a surprise of Golden Orfe and Blue Orfe and a few Carp, until the wind whipped up and the presentation on the pole was extremely hard, and the bites were hit and miss for most of the day, but still managed a few fish. Stephen had a slow start but then started to take fish from the furthest island and started to build a nice bag of Carp.

The key to Stephens success was accuracy, clipped up and landing that feeder in the same or a very similar spot every cast, building that feed and giving the fish confidence when feeding, Stephen knew with each cast if there would be a bite or not, depending on where it landed, the fish were hugging the island and were hard to temp away from its security, so the more accurate Stephen was resulted in a net of fish that heavy he could hardly drag his net out.

Mere Moor was not fishing its best admitted Tony the bailiff, but despite this Stephen still managed to have a fantastic day on the method feeder, with the most popular colour boillie defiantly being yellow, never failing to get a pull round. The method feeder has been  something I’ve used before with my bream fishing, but Stephen really has been favouring it recently, and has been taking plenty of fish on this method, making sure his 2mm pellets are perfect for moulding and using the soft Guru mold for good presentation, using the 28 gram Guru feeder for distance and a good sized pellet area, as some of the other heavier method feeders have a larger surface are and due to it not really being the kind of weather yet where you can feed excessively, less was more in Stephens mind.

Mere Moor itself put on a great show as always, we were looked after impeccably, and sat with a good friend, great fishing , great wildlife and fantastic surroundings, it was a great day all round. Mere Moor is a fantastic place; it has a something for everyone, specimen, pleasure and match anglers.  Big thanks to Tony for his hospitality, and I think our next trip will be on the Old Trout Pool for more great fishing.


Pool 2

Peg .

Road side facing the corner of the first island.


Stephen fished method feeder, (28g Guru), to the furthest island, landing 1-2 feet from the island. Size 14 QM1 Guru Hook, 6lb Daiwa sensor mainline with 0.17 preston powerline as hook length. Baits were either attached by means of bait band for the pellets or guru bayonets for the 6mm ringer’s allsorts boilies.