Pool 2, 21 August 2021

Another early start and with the nights already starting to creep in it was time to do yet more fishing before we lose the good weather.  After being kindly invited to fish Mere Moor Fisheries a few months ago by Tony I finally got round to making my way over with James Davies with me, we decided to fish Pool 2 one of the match pools close to the island.

Mere Moor Fishery is set in a beautiful rural corner of Cheshire, with two match pools and two specimen pools to choose from. All the pegs on the pool we fished were well spaced and very accessible as you can park right next to your peg which looked like you could do on a lot of the pegs on the other waters. The venue had plenty of toilets and bins and the place was spotless.

The fishing was brilliant, we took 100lb between us, a mixture of Carp and Roach. The Carp fought very hard and the Roach fishing was impressive, if you ever fish this venue do not forget about the roach as we had a great day and some Roach specimens as well. Most of James fish were taken against the island and most of mine at eight meters on the pole.

One of the most interesting  things myself and James noticed was a lot of pensioners and couples fishing both match lakes, this I think was due to the price and at £5 for a day ticket you cannot go wrong, also the fact you can park next to your peg as well.

Fish taken on the day were Mirror, Liner and Common Carp, Roach, Rudd and Perch.  The Carp were from 3-7 lb with some great Roach as well.


Pool 2


Two pegs close to each other opposite the island, 2nd and 3rd on the left as you look from the road (Look at the pictures, no peg numbers)


James Davies.

Small cage feeder to the island, ground bait in feeder, corn hair rigged to a size 16 hook.

Adam Bowen.

Pole line at 8 meters, 6 inches off bottom,  6mm soft hooker on a size 16 kazaman hook, feeding 2mm and 4mm pellets from pole pot little and often.

The pole line caught more fish at a smaller size, dropping the pellets from height and following them down with the hook bait, nearly all fish were taken on the drop. Feeding accurate and often was the trick.