Pool 1, 24th April 2013

This was to be our second trip to this fishery, kindly invited by Tony the bailiff last year to fish one of the pools and after a brilliant day on pool 2 we decided back then, to return in 2013 and see how pool one fished, and we were not to be disappointed.

We had been chomping at the bit to return since we left last year and as the days are getting longer and warmer we decided to get on it. After hearing great things about pool one, 200lb + match weights and a good head of silver fish and carp we were looking forward to it.

Before I get on to the fishing, just a few things to mention about this fishery, the fact that you can park at your peg, there is more than enough room, and the place is spotless is just the start, the friendly and kind welcome is refreshing, this quiet corner of south Cheshire is a delight to be surrounded by, even the odd train that goes past is barely noticeable. This fishery is a gem and we are looking forward to our Carp specialist Stephen Roberts to get on the specimen lake, and for me and James to get on the trout pool, as I believe this fishery has much more to offer.

The fishing itself was fantastic, we took 70lb of fish between us, Common, Leather, Mirror and Crucian Carp, Roach, Rudd, Perch and some Gudgeuon. All the fish were in good order and hard fighting.  I even had a personal best of 10lb Mirror Carp, I have had bigger on feeder tactics, but this was the biggest I have ever had on the pole, and on a 4 elastic and 2lb hook length, as we always say, if your tackle is balanced and you are using decent gear you will be surprised what you can land.

We settled on the left side of the pool the shortest distance to the island and the weather was calm and warm, and while we set up with grand ideas of fishing the waggler to the island and 8 meter pole line the wind picked up and began to blow from the left so those ideas went out the window. In the end it was a short 4 meter pole line and the 8 meter when the conditions died down for myself, and tip to the island for James. We fished simple maggot, corn and pellets with James throwing a little ground bait in. The bites were constant all day, with my float and elastic being worked hard and James tip going round and he almost lost his rod while chatting a few times.

All in all the fishing was fantastic; the fishery is a great place to spend some hours fishing. We would like to thank Tony and Phyllis for their great hospitality and we cannot wait to be back a gain soon.


Pool 1.


James: 2nd peg on the left side of the water casting towards the corner of the Island.

Adam: 3rd peg on the left of the water, casting to the center of the island bank with bridge to the left.


Adam: Pole at 8 meters, on the bottom, double red maggot on a size 18 kamasan B911 F1, 4lb main line and 2lb hook length, double 6 Preston elastic, feeding 2mm pellets and red maggots little and often.

Pole at 4 meters, on the bottom, double red maggot on a size 18 kamasan B911 F1, 4lb main line and 2lb hook length, 4 Preston single elastic, feeding 2mm pellets and red maggots little and often.

James: Tip rod fished to Lilly pads off the island. 

8lb Diawa main line to quick change bead with free running 15grm Drennan cage feeder, 6" 5lb hook length to size 16 hook.

Marine halibut and crushed hemp ground bait in the feeder with hair rigged corn hook bait.


pool 1 mere moore, april 2013