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Linnet Pool

11th May 2012

Third review of the venue and Linnet Lake was target, having fished the two larger pools, and every time I’ve been to give this one a go, a match has been on.This pool has great pegs and many of them designed for wheelchair users and disabled anglers. All pegs are well placed have great access and in good order.

My day started by fishing up in the water on pole 10 metres out up in the water firing pellets out 4-6 at a time and the carp started to feed it was like ringing the dinner bell. I fished 6mm soft hooker and fed 4mm, my catapult never left my hand; I did not have to strike, just wait for my elastic to vanish and slowly pull in the lumps. This worked well until the wind got up and I had to change my tactics.

I baited the margin just of the peg to my left as soon as I arrived, you can see this on the pictures how I fished it. Again fishing 6mm soft hooker and feeding 2-4 mm pellets this time, and the bites where almost instant, I did foul hook a few fish, so I put an extra three inches on the bottom and the foul hookers stopped. I managed more big lumps and some impressive Chub with a bonus 2lb Roach which I would rather catch than a 10lb Carp.

All in all this water is full of fish, and there are some lovely bonus roach and some Barbel which I would have loved to have hooked. I did see the angler next to me pull out a five foot eel which scared the s**t out of use both...........The fish taken were Common, Ghost and Common Carp, Chub and Roach. I had my net out but most of the Carp where too big to cram into my next, and it did not seen fair on them. All in all this is a great venue, well worth a visit.




Pole 10 meters out, up in the water about two feet deep, 6mm soft hooker and constant feeding 4-6 pellets, even feed when pulling in a fish, 4mm pellets were fed. I found if you slap the rig on the water it produced a bite if the Carp backed off.

Margin, just of the next peg, 6mm soft hooker and 3-4mm feed pellets, fished over dept to avoid foul hooking. If bites stop or slow down, lift and drop your rig to re-introduce the bait, it always sparks a fish’s interest.


meadow view linnet