Main Lake with Wendy.

With the domination of fisheries in our sport at the moment, it’s hard to separate some of the waters, but Yew Tree Fishery stands alone as a water, it’s not your 4-5 foot deep hole in the ground full of F1s and Carp, it is a real mixed fishery, with proper depth 6-8 feet, steep shelves and plenty of character. This is not the easiest water to fish, but to be honest this is part of its charm, if you’re looking for a water that will test your skill and make you think about your fishing, then this is defiantly a water for you, and every fish is quality and very rewarding when you land it.

Another great thing about this water is you can fish plenty of tactics as this allows you to swap and change until you find what is working on that particular day. I was out with Wendy on this particular day and she taught me a few things, I personally fished it wrong, I went after Carp, Carp and more Carp, and on reflection should have stuck to what I do best and gone after silvers, and my day would have been slightly different, and I realized this a little late in the day. My pole float lifted and dropped constantly and buried now and again, the Bream where gill feeding on the all the particles I had put in, and were not overly interested in my hook bait, there was plenty of fish down there creating a massive bloom of feeding bubbles. Speaking to Wendy and other anglers who fish it you can turn up every week for a year and it could fish differently each week, but that it something I think some of fisheries are lacking.

This water is like fishing natural water, and every time you visit you will learn something new, which is one of the things most anglers love about fishing. Wendy took plenty of Bream, a few Carp and some small silvers for a great days fishing, fish where in great condition and nearly every fish fin perfect. It was also great to see the fishery owner taking great pride in his fishery and keeping it in good order, with toilets tackle shop and burger van with peg service for a great days fishing. You feel very secure at this fishery, I left my phone on my dash board for the hole day and thought nothing of it, which at some fisheries you would never dream of doing, Wendy really enjoys this fishery for this reason as she feels safe and the owner or staff are always on site.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a very rewarding water with plenty of fish, which will make you think about your fishing and help your skill, in a great and safe environment then this is the place for you, you’re not going to do massive bags on your first venture, but if you start off with the basics you will catch and build from there. My next visit to this venue will involve maggots chopped worm and hemp. Big thanks to Paul for his hospitality and hope to be back soon.

Water: Main Lake

Peg: 17 (Wendy)


Wendy fished two rods, one of the corner of the island, flat method with pellets and pellet on the hook, with the second rod feeder to open water with pellets again.


yew tree with wendy