Winter Silvers

Reading a lot of stuff over the summer and autumn about the fishing at Park field, so I thought I would have a crack at the stocks of silvers in the lake. I was joined on the day by good friend and follower of the team Stewart Rustling, arriving at the lake we was greeted by the onsite Bailiff Mike who gave us some tips for the day and pointed us in the right direction on swim choice too, we also decided to fish with the wind coming off our backs as it was going to be a tad windy today.

Baits for the day were simple, half a pint of Red maggots, a few dead Reds, Pint of 2mm Micro pellets, Pint of Beechwood Baits 4mm Excelsor Pellet and a pint of a new development 6mm pellet from Beechwood baits, easy bait selection for the day.

Setting up 2 pole lines for the day a short 7m maggot line, and a 13m Pellet/maggot line, and i also set up my feeder rod with a 24g Guru Hybrid Feeder to cast about for any bigger fish knocking about. Plumbing up on the 2 lines I found around the same depth of water, about 4ft, so I decided to fish hard on the deck at 13m and just touching on the 7m line with a Shirt button style shotting pattern, so I could search the swim with the bait falling through the water layers at a slower rate while after the Roach, feeding both lines with softened micro with some dead reds mixed in I was confident of a decent day ahead.

Shipping out the 13m pole line with a 4mm pellet on, the float was away with the first roach coming to the net, catching a few more on the pellet I decided to swap over to single maggot thinking I would get a better catch rate, and yes the bites and fish increased, with roach coming to the net from 2oz up to 12oz. Swapping over to the short pole I had a lot more control over presentation as by now the wind had picked up, so for the rest of the day I decided to fish the 7m line, feeding 6 or 7 maggots around my float every couple of minutes my catch rate increased with the Roach taking the maggots on the drop and taking the hook bait at the same time too. Having had a good few roach the swim went quiet then the float buried and I hit into a bigger fish but slipped the hook almost straight away, so I decided to get the feeder rod out with micros in the feeder fishing 3 dead red maggots on the hook, which at the moment for me seems to be catching a lot of decent fish. Casting out just past the short pole line on the feeder and sinking the line, the tip flew round straight away and a nice bend in the rod was nice to see, and to my surprise a nice Crucian carp came to the net, I carried on with this method for 2 hours and ended up with 4 Crucian carp, dropping another 2 at the net and I also had a couple of small Skimmer too, all falling on the same bait.

Swapping back to the short pole line for the last couple of hours the fishing was fantastic with every put in on the single maggot either bringing a bite or a fish, cracking roach fishing.


Pole 13m, Dino .4g Gino Float, 0.11 main line to 0.10 Hook length and a 20s Guru LWG

Pole 7m, Dino .3g Gino Float 0.11 main line to 0.10 Hook length and a 20s Guru LWG

Feeder, Guru Hybrid Feeder 24g, 2mm micro pellet, 4” 0.13 hook length 18s QM1 hook and 3 dead red maggots.

Safe to say I will be returning in the summer to fish here again, but please pay a visit over the winter as it’s a cheap day out fishing with plenty of bites and plenty of fish too, also with a huge tackle shop onsite and cheap bait it’s a win situation. I would like to thank Alan and all his staff for looking after myself and Stew for the day also.

Closing note, on the day the Bailiff Mike had 2 cracking Roach both over 1lb using 10mm punched meat, and Stewart had a decent day on the silvers too.

Regards Dave Williams.