Dave on the Feeder.

Written By
Dave Williams.

Hearing lots of good reports about Moreton mere I was actually  very please to have arranged a session along with Steve Squires and Phil Lacey, and on the day I was also joined by Darren Tracey Barry Smith and Thomas Oconnell. Having had some great info off the guys about the venue it was going to be either Carp or Silvers for the day, and hearing that the Mere contained a huge head of silvers I decided to try for a bag of silvers instead of the Carp.

Setting up on Peg 6 on the left hand bank of the Lake, I decided to set two rods up, one using traditional Groudbait feeder tactics on my new Maver Genesis Pro 11ft Feeder Rod and the other rod being a Maver Genesis Black ice 10ft Feeder Rod using a Hybrid feeder loaded with bait-Tech Stick Method Pellets, and I decided for the last couple of hours of the session I would use the pole close in to try and get the silvers going.

For the Groundbait feeder line, I set up a large 30g Open end plastic feeder so I could get a good bed of bait down on the deck while I set my other gear up ready for the session. I set about mixing a full bag of Bait-Tech Pro Natural Groundbait up with lake water, but I added a large squirt of Bait-Tech Brazem liquid to the water and poured it into the Groundbait and give it a good mix up and pushed it all through a sieve. After leaving the Groundbait for 10 minutes I began casting the feeder out at around 30 meters out to the clip so I knew my feed was hitting the same spot every cast, I continued doing this for around 10 casts just to make sure I had enough bait on the deck to get the silvers in a feeding mode.

Rod two consisted of a 24g Hybrid feeder, with Bait-Tech Sticky Method Pellets and a 4 inch hook link to a size 16s barbless banded hook, and on the hook would be a 6mm or a 8mm Bait-Tech Carp and Coarse Pellet, hoping this again would attract the silvers into the swim.

Deciding to fish and feed 1 pole line for a couple of hours in the afternoon, I set about setting one top kit up and using the top kit plus 3 sections fishing in around 7 foot of water on the shelf. Float today would be a Dino Chi Chi with the main bulk of weight around 6 inches from the hook and a small dropper above the 4 inch hook link with a 18s hook. Feeding this line with hard balls of Bait-Tech Pro Natural Groundbait and using Dead and live red maggots on the hook.

Ready to go on my Groundbait feeder line, I swapped my 30g feeder over to a 20g mesh feeder free running on 6lb line to a hook link of 0.15 of around 24” using a 16s Barbless hook, and for bait, half of a worm topped with a dead red maggot. Casting out to the pre-baited area the tip was knocking and pulling straight away, striking into my first fish, and it was a small Roach, next cast out and the feeder never touched the bottom and the tip was bouncing and getting pulled around straight away as the fish where intercepting the bait on the drop, again hitting into another fish this time a nice 1lb Skimmer coming to the net. Recasting the feeder I loaded it by pressing a small bit of groundbait and then added some small bits of worm then capped it with more groundbait, this seemed to be working and did so for a further 2 hours with lots of Roach and Skimmers coming to the net.

Switching over to the Hybrid feeder and casting just short of the feed area it was not long before the tip flew round and I was into my first decent bream of the session, nothing massive but what a great fight it gave from a deep venue, looking at it in the net a fish of around 2lb with the 6mm pellet still showing on the hook lightly hooked in the top lip, again constant recasting of the feeder loaded with the pellets brought some nicer sized Bream and Skimmers to the net, even popping a 8mm pellet on the band, the Skimmers and Bream happily fed on them and showed themselves to the net.

The day was moving on into the afternoon now and I had a chat with the guys who came along for the day and they all reported catching lots of silvers with Bream reaching 4lb, Barry on the peg to my left was catching Carp to 9lb on Pellet Waggler along with Darren a peg down from Barry having carp to 8lb again on the Pellet waggler.

Switching onto the pole line for the last couple of hours I was looking forward to it as I had been preparing the swim for a couple of hours by feeding some Pro Natural and dead red maggots in and I could see the fish smashing into the bait as it was falling through the water. First put in on the pole brought me a small perch which had taken double red maggot, continuing to feed after every fish I soon managed to build a decent net up, the swim was alive with nice size roach and skimmers coming out to around the 1lb mark, it was nice to see the float going under so many times, the next fish I hooked my elastic shot out and I thought it was one of the carp, how wrong I was.... Pike, my first ever pike on the pole, it must have hit a small roach on the strike and somehow I managed to get it in on light silver gear, only around 4lb but great fun on light set up. After returning the pike I noticed I was getting hit more and more times after striking into smaller fish form Pike, and also Pike attacking my Keep net so I knew it was time to pack up and take stock of the fish I caught and get some pics from the day.

I managed to have a decent net of silvers on the day but one method I used today stood out from the rest, the groundbait feeder with the worm and dead maggot hook bait, its a method rarely gets used on commercial fisheries these days and to have a great result today was fantastic.It was a nice place to fish with plenty on offer for the pleasure angler who likes to target either Carp or Silvers. I will be returning in the winter to try for another silvers day and also to try for one of the bigger pike that live in the lake. A big thank you to the guys who came along on the day but also to the staff on the fishery for making me feel welcome and to grant me the use of a keep net also.