Mescar Lake

Written By
Adam Bowen

Mescar lake is well known as a Carp lake, however, it has a secret, and that secret is the vast amount of silver fish that are busy mopping up all the bait that the Carp do not manage to get to. So today I was kindly invited to join Barry Smith who is  good friend of the team and follows what we do. I have spent many years targeting  silver fish, and I feel like they are overlooked on many Carp waters, as Carp anglers put a good amount of bait in i'e particles, bollies and vast amount of pellets and the silvers in these waters can be prolific due to this abundance of food.  Before we get on to the fishing the lake itself is a good body of water at 4.5 acres,  with island pegs and plenty of fish holding features.

Arriving at the lake it was spotless, well maintained with good access to all the pegs, which were well spaced and of good standing and size. We settled on a couple of pegs and watches the water, which was alive with decent fish on the surface and plenty of evidence of fish feeding on the bottom, the only problem I could see for the say was a windless, cloudless and bright day we were in for.

I baited up a couple of swims and left them to settle, and it was not long before those lines started fizzing and I was gagging to get some lines in. I shipped out to about ten meters and the float buried instantly for a skimmer, and again and again, I was on fire. So the fishing continued well during the morning, but as soon as the sun got high at mid day the quality fish backed off, I was still getting plenty of bites, but the stamp of skimmer and Roach tailed off, but to be honest this the story of almost every fishery this time of year with the weather we had.

The day went on and with excellent quality food from the cafe, very kindly brought to our pegs the stamp of fish started to improve again on the ten meters line, and as always with myself the float dipped and the elastic ripped out across the water for the first of a few Carp, which I was half expecting for this time of the day. And I was not to only one, around the lake I could see people catching fish and hear alarms sounding as the fish turned up in numbers.

The lake  provides every angler a good choice of tactics, Carp tactics, pellet waggler, feeder or method, pole and the margins are full of fish. The whole complex has character and fantastic angling for everyone who wets a line. The owners were more than friendly, accommodating and run a top fishery. I have got some serious thoughts  towards some silver bashing in the water as this venue defiantly holds a great amount to give this venue and all year round appeal.  

Big thanks to Barry for kindly inviting me to this venue, Warrington Tackle and Guns for their continuing support with bait and a really big thank you to Andy and Helen Molyneux for their support of our day and keep up the great work, and hopefully see you again soon. If you really want a great mixed bag of quality fish and you are local to this fishery or fancy a drive from further afield, then defiantly pop over to Mescar you will not be disappointed.

Peg: 3

Tactics: Pole line at ten meters on the bottom, 0.4 Float, 0.13 main line to 0.11 hook length, size 16 hook. Bait was 2mm pellets mixed with Bait Tech Pro Natural Bream ground bait, 4mm expander on the hook. Fed decent pot to start then little and often during the day to keep the swim topped up.