Wepre Pool, Summer 2013.

After James telling me how great this venue fishes in the warmer weather, and the great winter day we had on the water I was chomping at the bit for our session on this water. We arrived early morning with other anglers already bagging up, I was positive we were going to be in for a good day.

We settled and two pegs that we could both reach the island and lily pads, and as I was going after the big head of bream and skimmers I was told the  water holds and I was keen to fish the long pole for them. The water itself is a beautiful place, great wildlife with squirrels and water voles seen, a king fisher and the normal bird life and a treat to see a heron hunting. With the sun on the water there was some impressive looking Carp on the surface, and was great to see them basking and feeding.  Also the large shoals of small silvers, working their way across the upper levels.

The fish taken on the day were all in great condition and this was a very mixed species water, with some very exciting waggler fishing up in the water, firing maggot just off the island and watching large sholes of Ide Rudd and Roach breaking the surface every time the maggots it the water, and casting into the splashes and swirls produced a bite every time. The Crucians were of a good size and fought hard, the Skimmers, Hybrids, Roach, Rudd, Chub, Ide and Perch were all in abundance and of different sizes with some lovely Bream taken and a bonus carp taken later on in the day. We took over one hundred fish between us for a great days fishing.

If you fished maggot up in the water it was a fish a chuck, so for diversity in size and species we fished a number of lines, tactics on baits which will be detailed in the tactics section. The heat on the day for immense, we could barely hold our poles as the heated up in the sun, our bait dried out really quick and maggots died if left in the sun for too long, and as we were using keepnets we were very concerned for the fish so the larger Bream and Carp went back into the water.

The only downside to this venue which James agrees with is that it is a public park, and there is a lot of human traffic around the water, and some anglers are not in the habit of taking their rubbish home with them, James informs me that in the summer holidays the place is rammed and very noisy and busy so it’s ideal to fish outside these times for a great days fishing, this venue is not to be forgotten about in the colder months as well, as the silver fishing is fantastic and we have had a great day on this venue in the past.

In conclusion, if you want a great days fishing for mixed species and plenty of bites, pop to Deeside tackle pick up a day ticket or join the club, fish simple tactics feed little and often for plenty of bites and for those Bream feed ground bait and 2mm pellets and watch for gill feeding bubbles, fish corn or 6mm cubed meat over the top and you will pick out the better fish,  if you put 4-6mm pellet on you will have it stripped off the hook buy the time it hits the bottom buy the massive shoals of small Roach and Rudd.


Wepre Pool.


Adam: 24

James: 25




Line one, 6 meters just off lily pads, on the bottom, 4lb main/ 3lb hook length to size 18 kazaman b911.

Line two, 5meters to the left shallow 3lb main line 2lb hook length size 18 kazaman b911.

Line three, 6 meters to the front on the bottom and up in the water.

Hook baits where double red maggots, singe corn, 6mm pellet/ meat , feeding hemp and 2mm over loose ground bait, and 2mm and maggots shallow.



Line one, 11 meters pole on the bottom, 1 inch over depth, 4lb main line 3lb bottom,  fished over gros gordons ground bait and 2mm pellets, size 16 kazaman b911 f1 hook with 6mm cubed meat.

Line two, 10ft Maver abyss waggler rod, 2.0g waggler, fishing 12-18 inches with a kazaman b911 f1 hook, double maggot feeding maggots little and often by catapult to the island.


Wepre Park Summer 2013.