Wepre Pool 26th November 2012

Wepre Park, November 2012.

Well James Davies did not let me down when he asked me to come with him to do a review on this water, I had fished it when I was about ten but that was twenty years ago. The weather was shocking and we got very cold and very wet, but the fishing was fantastic for late November. The venue itself is extremely well looked after by the club and if I was local I would be a member for sure. The whole water is clean and tidy all pegs are a good size and hard standing. It was easy to see that the club have been very busy with work parties and always improving the venue, and I was told there are plans for more work around the island in the near future.

We settled for the pegs on the deep end of the water, on the football pitches side, set up and went at it, well me and James did, while we waited for Lee Griffiths to turn up, I started on single maggot and the small Roach flew out, and I mean small, but from what James had told me they would get bigger and they did, the Roach got bigger and changed to Ide, Perch, Rudd, a bonus Crucian and Common Carp and Skimmers, all of good size for this time of year and great quality, not a scale or fin out of place or damaged.

There is something to be said about Winter silver fishing, as the carp go off the boil and stop feeding apparently fishing is not the best in the Winter......well that is not true, some of the best fishing is in Winter, it’s not a fish a chuck with small water pigs fighting over your pellets, you have to be skilful, accurate with your feeding, little and often, light balanced tackle, bringing the fish to your feed by working your swim, and is far more exciting when the float goes under due to the work you have put in the cold weather, in my opinion I would rather have 20lb of silvers on a cold Winters day then 100Lb of Water pigs on a Summers Day. This venue is the ideal for these Winter silver fishing adventures, and I’m told that the silver fishing and general all round fishing is brilliant in the warmer months which I will be looking forward to in the review later next year. 

You can buy your tickets from Colin at Deeside Tackle and get great information on how it is fishing and tactics. The club run matches and work parties and have other venues which I hope to visit in the future. I really recomend this venue for some great fishing and a great club to join.


Wepre Park, (Qonnahs Qauy Angling Club water)


Adam : 28

James : 29

Lee : 30



Bait: Red maggots (Double) on the hook, Sensas 3000 Gros Gardons Noire (Big Roach Black)      Groundbait, feeding two small balls every hour, feeding 4-6 maggots little and often.

Float: D Jones Floats (Handmade) 4x12

Line: Preston reflo power hook length (2lb), Preston reflo power line (3lb) main line.

Hook: Kamasan B911 F1 size 18.

Rod/Pole: Pole line at 8 meters on the bottom.


Bait:  Fishing double red maggot/casters feeding little and often

Float: D Jones Floats (Handmade) 4x12

Line: 3lb preston main line to 2lb hook lenght

Hook: Kamasan B911 F1 size 18.

Rod/Pole: Pole line at 8 meters on the bottom.


weper winter 2012