The Old Warren Pool Nr Broughton June 2013

Proper fishing is something we all banter about in the team, whether it is Stephen and his Carp fishing, James with his strange tip fishing obsession, or myself with my Barbel fishing on the rivers, but when you fish a natural water this is not full to the brim with stocky Carp, having to think about your swim working your peg, reading fish feeding habits and maybe fishing outside of your comfort zone for me and Matty this is defiantly an element of proper fishing.

This adventure was with me and Matty Dawes, at the Old Warren Pool Nr Chester one of the Connahs Quay Angling Association waters, with permission from the bailiff and the club to fish this water and after Matty badgering me to go for ages we set a date and got on it.  The old Warren Pool is set in a quiet wooded area of a farm, from first appearances the water is an amazing looking place, set low and well covered with a great scenery and a relaxing place to be. You do park away from the venue, so be prepared to travel with what you need and climb a few styles to get down to the water, but when you do, the walk and humping your gear is more than worth it.

We settled on the deep side of the pool, as Matty wanted to practice his slider, waggler and 13 meter pole work for practice the upcoming world championships in July with the Welsh team, and he heard a few Bream have been coming out. With this being a natural water there is great dept deference in different areas of the water, the island pegs are 3 foot deep and our pegs where 7-10 feet deep, which in itself posed it own challenges, with feeding and rig set up, not simple putting 6mm over 4mm and waiting for the water pigs to move in 4 foot of water. We fished maggot and ground bait, ground bait kindly supplied by ABC baits, Welsh team sponsor. You had to work for your bites, there was plenty of fish taken, but the better fish were worth the wait, with quality Bream taken, nothing better than slabs on the pole with light gear, that weighty lump pulling our light elastics out.

The fish taken on the day, where a mixture of Bream, Roach, Perch and one Tench. The Bream where big labs about 4lb, with dark backs and bronzed flanks, the Roach where plentiful if you fished single or double maggot on a size 18 or 20 you would be getting one a chuck. The Tench was a fin perfect male very dark green, a very natural and wild looking fish. The colour and quality of the water is outstanding, the work parties have done a great job with the pegs, and the up keep of the water, it was great to see a small club taking such care of their water. If I lived in the area that this club waters cover I would not hesitate for a second to be a member, this is quality fishing on a natural water at its best, this is not 100-150lb bagging water full of F1’s and Carp, this is a traditional fishing with light tackle and accurate feeding. One of greatest things about the day was the amount of learning, and if you have learnt something new then it’s a good days fishing in our eyes.

In conclusion, fish and feed accurately and the bites will come, if you want a quiet relaxed fishing in fantastic surrounding, then I would join this cub. If you are into your Carp fishing as well this pool also hold some impressive specimens. Big thanks the Club for having me, to Marc Francis the bailiff and for Matty Dawes for beating me yet again and showing me what I was doing wrong on more than one occasion.  


Old Warren Pool.


Adam: 1&3 (Had to move due to the wind)

Matty: 2


Adam: Pole at 7 meters on the bottom, size 18 kook, triple dead maggot on the hook fished over ABC  ground pellet and cp-70 ground bait.

Matty: 3m whip fishing maggot, 13m long pole on the bottom with cp-70 and dead maggots and big waggler feeding the same.


old warren pool june 2013