Pistill Farm (theflypool) 21st July 2012

A few weeks ago i was asked by the owner of pistill Farm (theflypool) to come down i see what i thought of the venue.

On first impressions i was impressed with the venue it is set in a small valley below a small industrial unit which is very quiet the lake is around 1.5-2acres in size, and has two streams flowing into the lake making it a clear and very rich in natural food. I was met at the lake by the owner Mr Kev Lloyd who has owned the lake for around 2 years and he has already made some great improvments to the venue. I had a brief walk around the lake I was shown all the pegs, which there was more than enough room for a bivvy in every peg and well constructed. it was a warm and sunny day so most of the carp were on the surface and were easily spotted inithe clear water. It soon become apparent the fish were no push over to catch they were quite spooky in the clear water of the lake so a quiet and stealthy approach was needed on the bank.

After an afternoon stalking the carp I was 1-0 down in the fishes favour but time was cracking on so back to the swim ready for the night. I baited the margins for the night time but nothing was banked by first light. Just before 06.30am I lost another carp and was really gutted but just after a recast i had another absolute screamer of a run and after a really strong fight I banked a stunning common just into double figures and i was really pleased with the condition of the fish and the  effort I put in to catch that fish.

All in all I was really impressed with this little venue comfortable pegs, stunning fish and a really nice setting i will definatly be going back.

Kev the owner is making constant improvments to the venue he is currently installing an otter fence to protect his stocks and also making the path around the lake barrow friendly, making it even better for the visiting angler. He has also got a future fish stocking programme in place so this venue will only get better in the future. Kev is a nice guy to chat too and knows the venue inside and out and is willing to give the visiting angler any help needed.

The pool is limited to four anglers at any one time so booking is highly recomended. Ticket prices are £10 for a dayticket or £20 for 24hour ticket.

Review by Carp Angler Stephen Roberts.

The fly pool