Llyn Gweryd Spring

Llyn Gweryd (Spring) 25th May 2012.

A few days ago Wendy said “shall we go on an adventure Adam” and I thought why the hell not, and we decided on Gweryd lakes as Wendy wanted to practice some feeder fishing ready for Ireland. I arrived a silly o’clock ready for a good days fishing among the breath taking Welsh scenery and it was going to be a beautiful day.  The gates opened at 07:30 but I was there at 06:30, which gave me a chance to mix my ground bait out the back of my car and get a few things ready.

We fished the far end of the lake on the hillside of the water; the fish were in the margins and spawning like no bodies business, so I knew it was going to be a difficult day. We set our gear up messed around looking at the big carp and bream spawning in the reeds that we knew we would never catch and got to it.

I fished to the right of the peg and Wendy to the left. The wind was battering us in the corner of the lake and out went the tip rods, Wend 50 yards out in front into open water and myself to the right towards the bank, casting 6 meters off the peg on that bank.

Wendy fished all day on the one method and had a very good day with bream and roach being taken on the tip and I using three different methods taking mixed silvers and losing two big ones which I did not even get to see. The Bream and Roach that were taken on the day were in great condition and a good size, but the most interesting fish were the very good sized Rudd, and nearly all fish were taken on 6mm soft hooker pellet and single corn, if you put a maggot or a caster on it got ravaged by small Rudd or Roach. But if you wanted as fish a chuck up in the water spraying maggots and caster it would be easy and frantic days fishing.

A great little service the owners provide is a delivery service for the food from the cafe, so you don’t even have to leave your peg.


Llyn Gweryd





Fishing the tip, 50 yards out in front into open water, open ended Nisa flyer feeders, size 14 hook, using dark ground bait with pellet and corn on the hook.


Method feeder six meters of the right bank , using 2mm pellets and hair rigged corn on 16 hook.

3 meter whip to the right of the peg in a small bay, on the bottom, feeding little and often, mixed 2mm pellet and caster with corn and 6mm pellet on size 16 hook.

Tip 50 yards out in front, dark ground bait in a Nisa open ended flyer feeder, with corn on size 14 hook.


Gweryd lakes spring