Llyn Gweryd Autumn 2013

I have been to Gweryd Lakes a number of times over the past few years, and enjoyed every visit...however this one was an almost full team outing, apart from James and Carl letting us down, but that is another story. In my opinion which I know is shared by my fellow anglers on the day, Llyn Gweryd has something most fisheries do not have, and that is a real sense of occasion when you arrive, set in one of the most picturesque areas of North Wales, with its natural settings and wild beauty it is in the words of Mark Clutton “A proper water for proper fishing”

With the massive explosion and dominance of commercials over the last 10 years, which don’t get me wrong have a real part to play in our sport, the more natural waters tend to be under big angling club control, but this fishery has the edge over others, it incorporates the large fish stocks and variety of a commercial with the challenges and charm of a natural lake, which makes you think and learn about your fishing while you are there, which is the reason we all go and brave the elements. Even though we were very close to each other each swim was different he great thing about the area of the lake we were fishing was that you can fish pole, whip, feeder or waggler, and when you get it right it pays off, we all caught well on different methods, but Mark Clutton really cracked it fishing the whip to hand at 5 meters.

The fishing itself was brilliant, we took over 100lb of silvers between us and Wendy had a cracking Ghost Carp about 6lb, fin perfect with beautiful markings on its head. We took Roach, Rudd, Skimmers, Bream, Perch, Crucian Carp and Tench on pole, feeder and whip, on a variety of baits at different distances. The fish were all in great condition with plenty of go in them, it got the point where I was catching small Perch while shipping out, as they were feeding on the maggot falling off my bait tray. The pegs around the point of the island where we were fishing where black, if you fished maggot it was a fish a chuck, if you fished caster or chopped worm the bites came slightly slower but for a better stamp of fish. If you fished pellet or corn, longer the wait for bites but larger the fish.

The shoals of Bream which are known to be in this water were not feeding like on my previous visits, however the fact we still caught all day and did over 100lb of silvers between us is a testament to this venue, and proves even though its known for its large Carp and shoals of Bream you can still have a great days fishing if they are not feeding. Speaking to the new fishery manager Simon, Gweryd are very keen to promote they great silver fishing they have to offer, especially in the colder months and the introduction of match fishing to the venue. Simon also informed me of the upcoming plans for this venue.The longer we fished the faster the bites came, working and feeding the pegs accurately was the trick, and we all know what to do next time we go, like I always say, if you do not learn something new your doing to wrong and don’t forget the silvers.

 Llyn Gweryd.

  •  Improving the drainage and all round bivvy points on the woodland side.
  •  Improve all pegs, leveling and containment with removal of overhanging tree branches to improve casting arcs.
  •  Work on all access to pegs, tracks and roads around this lake.
  •  Removal of snags and general maintenance of swims.

Llyn Ewan and Fly Pools.

  • Work on improving all the pegs with access, back fill pegs cut back around pegs for easy casting and movement.
  •  Maintains swims, remove snags and excessive weed in these lakes

General work and angling promotion.

  • Work on site appearance and access, especially the road leading up to and around venue.
  • Promote more general coarse and pole fishing and matches.
  • Fly fishing lessons and coarse lessons.
  • Improve tackle shop and cafe with the sale of local produce.
  • More vigorous bailiff checking of licences and tickets, enforcing the fishery rules and anglers and campers behavior.
In conclusion this great venue is a must visit if you enjoy your all round coarse fishing, the angling, surrounding and facilities are top draw and the highlight along with the fishing was the EA officers coming around to check rod licences, always good to see. With Simon now working at Gweryd Lakes with his fishing and water management knowledge I predict great things in the future.  Big thanks to Jeanette and Simon for their hospitality and keep up the good work guys.


We all fished the point island, Stephen and Wendy towards the box island, Neil facing the far bank and me and Mark facing the dam wall.


Stephen and Wendy fished a mixture of method and open ended feeders with ground bait and pellets, with pellet or corn on the hook, also doing well on maggots and chopped worm.

Neil fished feeder with ground bait in a cage feeder, corn, chopped worm and maggot on the hook. Fishing pole line 5 and 10 meters, feeding little and often, chopped worm and corn on the hook.

Mark fished the whip to hand for a great hall of 38lb of silvers, and the whip was devastating to see used properly, fishing maggot on the hook, feeding little and often. Myself I fished pole at 9 and 5 meters, chopped worm on the hook feeding little and often.



llyn gweryd autumn 2013