Llyn Gwery Autumn Carp Rods 2013

Well having spent the last few trips up Gweryd I decided to target the carp for a change for a 24hr session. I and my fishing buddy turned up on the Friday afternoon around 2.30 now this time of year it’s a mad rush to beat the onset of darkness which was around 7-7.30 but with the weather also being horrible it was time to set up camp first rather than the usual cast the rods out.

The weather was the enemy for the whole 24hr session never the less the rods were cast out and after only 10 minutes out I had a Tench of around 1-1.5lb but nothing else for the next hour or so, so I got the old grey matter working reeled the rods in and re-baited this time with a dumbbell topped off with half a white pop up to this I added a small bag of mixed pellets and dunked in cyprinid products sludge this sludge made all the difference to the session.  After only only 5 minutes of casting out my left hand ripped off resulting in a good scrap from a common 12-13lb.

For the next few hours it was manic I couldn't keep that 1 rod in the water any longer than 10-15 minutes between the Carp, Tennch, Bream and even Roach picking up my hook bait.  By this time darkness had descended and the rain had only got worse.  Into the dark hours I had 1 more common at 03.30am and another Tench 10 minutes later. So Saturday morning and the rain finally eased off and I recast all 3 rods with the same as above and same thing happened again 10 minutes and another screamer resulting in a stunning full linear mirror again about 11-12lb.

Apart from the horrible weather I really enjoyed my session up there and will be going back soon. One thing I may add is that Simon the new bailiff and fisheries manager has got a mammoth task up there sorting out the pegs and surrounding lake but he has already made great progress in some of the pegs so please bear with him on that. My final tally was 7 carp 4 Tench 4 bream and 2 Roach not bad for October, but it has been unseasonably warm but very wet

Have a look at the pictures of the rigs  this is what we used. First picture is the baited rig which consists of Korda hybrid soft, Korda kurv fished blow back style with a sliding ring.  The bait on the hair rig is mainline cell dumbbell 10mm with the top cut down and a 10mm white mainline milky toffee pop up cut in half to give balance and more to the point a visual aid for the carp. Too this I added a small bag of mixed pellets slid down the hook length then dunked in cyprinid products sludge just prior to casting out.

Peg: Wooded side two thirds up towards the narrow end of the lake, casting towards the peet island.


Gweryd Lakes Autumn carp rods