Gweryd Lakes Winter 17th November 2012

Gweryd Lakes 17th November 2012.

With the cold weather really starting to come in now it was time for more silver fishing, Gweryd lakes is better known for it its Carp but it also holds and impressive head of silvers which can be a great days sport.

We arrived at first light, my companion for the day was Stephen Roberts, a regular angler that features on Fishing in the North West, he was first on the bank and having a had a good look around decided the wind was less on the wooded side of the lake and he was right, for the first hour anyway. We fished two pegs on the wooded side about half way along the lake by the larger car park.

The fishing itself was extremely good, we took 40lb of fish between us, Bream, Skimmers, Hybrids and Roach and for a very cold winters day the sport could not have been better. All the fish were in great condition and the bites did not represent the size of fish on the hook, little taps and gentle pull rounds had a 2-4 lb Bream on the end and if the tip got wrapped round it was a small Roach or Skimmer.

The fishing a Gweryd lakes is a pleasure simple due to the surroundings and the facilities, you will be hard to find a venue that fishes so well in the winter. The breath taking Welsh mountains spring fed lake and the pure peace and quiet that can be had at this time of the year is well worth the journey. This venue is going from strength to strength and I am looking forward to future outings, might even get Stephen taking me there for a session on the Carp......maybe.

Big thanks to the team at Gweryd Lakes and hope to see you again soon.


Gweryd Lakes.


Halfway along the bank and the wooded side, by the car park.


Adam: Casting 40 yards out in front, using a line clip for accurate feeding, making sure using the same target on the far bank for each cast.

Bait: Red maggots (Double) on the hook, Bait Tech Kult Carp mix sweet fishmeal ground bait in the    feeder.

Line: Preston Braidcast 10lb on the Reel, 4lb Preston reflo power line hook length (2-3 foot).

Hook: Kamasan B911 F1 size 18.

Feeder: Nisa Flyer 25g

Rod: Drennan 12ft Competition Feeder, 2oz Tip.

Stephen: Similar tactics as myself with Sensas Black Lake ground bait, castor and maggot on the hook and  using mono line.


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