Graham Tasker Taking Llyn Gweryd apart.

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Graham Tasker.

My latest session saw me mix things up on Gweryd Lakes in North Wales. This is one of my favourite venues due to the mix of different specimen sized fish you can target. My primary target was one of the many big Perch in there. For this I opted to fish a straight lead with raw King Prawn as hook bait fishing around the peat island in the middle of the lake at around 70 yards out. My rig choice for this was very simple with 2oz lead running on 8lb main line to a quick change bead. My hook link was 6lb to a size 10 with a long hair and quick stop. My second rod was aimed at catching anything that swims really. Again same rig... but using 15mm Entice Boilies and matching stick mix which I know is used a lot on this Venue.

Again this was fished towards the peat island at around 70 yards. I began the session by scattering half a kilo of mixed 15mm Entice around the island and accompanied this with my 15mm Entice bottom bait and crushed Entice in mesh bag. With both rods out on their respected spots it wasn't long before my left hand Prawn rod ripped off and I found myself playing a nice Common of around 11lb.

The rod was re-baited with a fresh King Prawn and shortly after I had a dropped take which a typical sign from the shy perch in there. The next cast and the rod tore off at pace. My first thought was another carp as I hit into it and felt it tearing off. After a short battle I pleasantly surprised to see one of Gweryd Lake's famous perch hit the surface. All be it not a monster for the standard of the lake but a mighty looking and bold stripy of around 2lb.

The next few hours saw me catching many of the lake's resident Bream, Tench and large Roach, all taking a fancy to the King Prawn. About an hour before dark my Prawn rod again ripped off at speed and I found myself another carp. The result was this gorgeous Mirror carp.

The rod was recast and shortly after settling the Prawn rod again ripped off resulting in this small but pristine Ghost carp.

My BoiIie rod had seen plenty of indications but no substantial takes. Another scattering of freebies and a fresh mesh bag went back out. The lake had now gone really quiet. I sat under the trees watching the amazing full moon rise without a cloud in the sky. A couple of hours went by without a knock and I suspected the flat calm water and bright moonlight had stopped the fishing. My fishing companion went for a sleep but I fancied staying up to watch the night go by. What happened next I can only describe as a hectic and chaotic 2 hours of fishing. My boilie rod ripped off with the alarm screeching and squealing. As I hit into the fish I was devastated to feel no resistance. With my head in my hands I couldn't believe it when my Prawn rod ripped ff. This resulted in a nice Tench.

Both rods were cast back out. As soon as I sat down the boilie rod screamed off immediately followed at the same time by Prawn rod... double take... oh hell. Picking up the rod I couldn't believe it when again there was no resistance, unbelievable. However... the Prawn rod produced a small common of around 4-5lb. This one was slipped back straight away. Both rods were re-baited with Prawn and Boilie and chucked back out. Before I could connect my bobbin the Boilie rod again ripped off, fish on... as I was playing this one the Prawn rod again ripped off... another double take. I played my first fish for a few minutes and slipped the net under this lovely looking common of around 8lb.

Coming back to my prawn rod I was pleasantly surprised to find a big roach of around 1 1/2 pound still on. That was the end of the chaos and a welcome breather. A few more Tench, Bream and a small carp saw me call it a night and get some rest. At the break of dawn I re-baited and recast both rods out. Shortly after my trusty Prawn rod came good again as the bait-runner began singing at me. After a good 10 minute battle I slipped the net under this nice common of around 13lb. Cracking fish and this was to be the last of the session as I had to be back home shortly after.

Very memorable session and I can't wait to get back there soon.

Tight Lines.