Silver Fish Only Match

With another outing with some members of the team and also with friends old and new, we decided to go up to Glasdir Angling Centre for a silvers only match, just to mix things up a little bit. I had been to Glasdir may years ago and had some great fish, and was looking forward to everyone getting over for some fishing and some banter.

Dave the owner has been busy since I last ventured over, improving the fishery, and according to him it’s never ending. We were fishing the match pool on this occasion, 2 acre water with a large island down the middle, with a good depth 4-7 meters, well spaced pegs, parking very close to the water, and plenty of features this is a lovely water. With a large head of Carp in the water we caught a fair few or got smashed as we where fishing light for silvers, but silvers were the order of the day, plenty of Roach, Skimmers and Perch were had, for some decent silver fish weights.

We spread out around the water and the caster, chopped work, 2mm pellets, maggots and pinkies got piled in, we had constant sport all day with plenty of fish, the fish were on the small side so it was constant bites with a good few hundred fish taken between us all.  With the winning weight from Mark Clutton from the team taking 17lb of mixed silvers from peg 15, working the 9 meters pole up in the water and whip with plenty of maggots.

The day was relaxed and lots of fun, this is a great fishery set in a beautiful part of North Wales and with a great group of angler we all ahde a fantastic day, big thanks to Dave for his hospitality, and we will be back soon to tackle the large shoals of  Roach in the specimen pool.


Silvers only match at glasdir